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Now, when it comes to adorable comic book goofballs, there are few more beloved by fans than Booster Gold. In the three decades since his first appearance, the time-traveling hero real name Michael Jon Carter — has not only proven himself to be a solidly C-List hero (which, in a world of Wonder Women and Batmen is nothing to sniff at) but even managed a spell in the honest-to-goodness Justice League.

What's more, Booster's particular brand of ultra-confident (and shameless) self-promotion has become an intriguing modern branch of superheroism unto itself — with several writers combining its satirical potential with Booster's time-traveling roots to great effect.

So much so, in fact, that Booster has long since been on the receiving end of one of the greatest fan compliments imaginable:

Pretty Much Everyone Wants Booster Gold To Be Played By Nathan Fillion

Which, since the one-time Firefly and current Castle star is widely agreed to be one of the most universally geek-delighting stars in the 'verse, is about as big a compliment as a gently snarky, classically handsome comic book superhero can receive.

The best part?

Booster Gold's Creator Is Totally Up For Nathan Fillion Playing Him Too

Yup, that's right, Dan Jurgens, the writer/artist who created Booster way back in 1986 (and has spent a whole lot of time since then turning the character into the beloved hero he is today) was recently asked what he thought of Nathan Fillion playing the temporally-displaced goof. His response?

"Wouldn’t that be something?"

Before adding (having been asked whether he would outright endorse Fillion for the role):

"I think that I absolutely would, and I would also have a list of probably ten other guys who I’d certainly give a big thumbs-up to. Some of it depends on what is the story you’d ever want to tell? What age is Booster, where exactly are we in his continuum, and what’s the story we want to tell? I’m not saying no!"

Which, while on the one hand a pretty solid endorsement, on the other raises a distinctly valid point:

Whether Nathan Fillion Could Play Booster Gold Mostly Depends On What Story DC Is Trying To Tell

Y'see, with Fillion now being a (resolutely handsome) 44-year-old man, the odds of him being cast as a young, fresh-faced time-traveling athlete (Booster has traditionally been presented as a disgraced 25th century Gotham football player) seem a little small.

That, though, isn't the only version of Booster that we could see hit the screen. Recent years have seen an older Booster act as a sort of time-mentor to the comic book version of Legends of Tomorrow's Rip Hunter, and were DC to opt for a more multi-versal approach — perhaps with multiple Boosters — Fillion could still be perfect casting. Heck, with Castle rumored to be coming to an end this season, could we even see Fillion turn up in Season 2 of Legends Of Tomorrow?

Or, alternatively, could we see Warner Bros. respond to the mainstream success of the previously C-List Deadpool with an anarchic big screen take on the Booster Gold mythos, perhaps with the hero teaming up with his old buddy, Blue Beetle?

After all, Alan Tudyk's also available, and we all know that only good things come from him teaming up with Fillion in space-set snark-tinged action adventure:

And... now I'm overexcited by the very idea of that movie.

Way to go, brain.

What do you think, though?


How would you most like to see Booster Gold hit the screen?



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