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You can't argue with the fact that over the last couple of years, half-sisters Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian have been gradually morphing into each other like some bizarre alien hybrid. And if you've had your doubts about this until now, below is the solid proof that they are basically the same human.

For a while now, Snapchat has had this funky new feature that allows you to put your face on someone else's. In normal circumstances, the effect is rather unsettling and quite frankly, terrifying.

Yet, it seems that if you carry the relentless power of Kris Jenner's genes, most people wouldn't be able to even notice that you've face-swapped at all -- after all, ever since Kourtney was born in 1979, it seems that the Keeping Up with the Kardashians momager has been a pro at unleashing an onslaught of identical looking clones unto the world.

Case point: Kylie (18) and Kim (35) swapped faces and still look exactly the same:

Honestly, I really can't tell whether Kylie's reveal to her sister "I've always wanted to look like you" is horrendously disturbing or actually quite adorable.

Either way, the constant struggle to tell who is actually who continues to be very real:

Could you tell who was who?


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