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With all of the Pokémadness over Pokémon's 20th anniversary that's currently sweeping the lands, you'd be forgiven if you nearly forgot that there are two new adventures coming to 3DS later this year in the shape of Sun & Moon. Here's the announcement trailer if you didn't get round to it the first time:

And that stirring announcement pushed 3D artist Jarlan Perez to thankfully get around to completing this incredible homage to Pokémon's seminal anime series and the legendary Ash Ketchum.

Naturally using Unreal Engine 4, Perez recreated Ash's bedroom over an incredible span of 4 days, and spared no details. He even went as far to add a few timely additions too, like the Pokedex running on Ash's pretty modern looking laptop, and some classic Pokémon music.

"It turned out being almost a blend of multiple points in time in the series. I also went ahead and designed a user interface of what I imagined Pokedex software would look like on a PC," said Perez in the video's description.

Check it out and see how many new additions you can spot!

If you liked what you saw, get over to Perez's ArtStation page and have a look at more of his work.

Pokémon Sun & Moon should be releasing this fall.

(Source: Gamespot)


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