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Another insane looking WW2 first person shooter is hitting the market. Days of War aims to capture the feel of the classic WW2 multiplayer shooter and bring it back to life on XBOX One, PS4 and PC!

So, WW2 shooters are like buses - you spend years waiting for one - then several come along at once. Just a week after we brought you the news that Battalion 1944 was gearing up to reclaim the WW2 title, Driven Arts announce Days of War.

This exciting project also claims to capture that classic WW2 gaming experience lost in today's shooters. Battalion 1944 and now, Days of War have reignited the fire in the belly of the FPS fans. The internet has been alive with debate and exhilaration ever since these two projects went live.

Indie studio, Driven Arts is developing the new shooter and is seeking $100,000 on Kickstarter. What is most intriguing here however, is that the funds will not be spent creating the game per se - this is already done - the team want to use the funds to shape and home the community’s needs and wants. Driven Games are committed to creating a game that surpasses everyone’s expectations, and so far, they are right on track.

"An online game is only as good as its community. The games that succeed listen to their community but the games that thrive empower their players to shape game development. That doesn't mean just trying to reach consensus on a message board, it means giving players the tools to create and improve the game, and letting the best ideas and creations rise to the top."

The game itself will be relatively simple - Days of War is likely not to include a campaign mode (unless convinced otherwise by the community) and will feature just four online multiplayer modes. All out war in the form of a Deathmatch, tactical assault in the forms of Capture The Flag, Search And Destroy and Domination.

Players will be able to access and customise six classes including, Rifleman, Machine Gunner, and Sniper.

The aim is to keep the game as simple as possible and to retain as much of the classic WW2 approach as possible. I honestly think that Days of War looks like a true game changer. This classic approach on a next generation shooter is exactly what the industry has been crying out for. The dedicated focus on gameplay and community is what will separate Days of War from the competition.

"In Days of War, bullets are what matter, not kill-streaks, not wall jumps, and certainly not drone strikes ordered from iPads,"

The truth is, is that, these games represent an entire generation of gamers and now with this reintroduction of the WW2 era to PS4, Xbox One and PC - we are allowing the new generation of players to enjoy the old school gaming feel but in incredible modern day fidelity.

If you want to support the project head over to Kickstarter. I am so stoked to see the return of WW2 - but what do you guys make of it? More importantly, what do you want the Driven Arts team to create? They're listening.


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