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You can't deny that Leonardo DiCaprio started 2016 off with a bang – following numerous nominations at the prestigious Academy Awards, the talented actor finally was called out to the podium to accept his award for Best Actor for his performance in The Revenant. Relive the moment that Leo reached the finish line once again:

You can't deny that big things are in store for the actor, and this year is already looking promising with snippets of information already circulating about his upcoming roles. In particular, there is much commotion regarding Leo's participation in another one of Martin Scorsese's movies – this time with a sharp focus on H. H. Holmes, one of America's first and most prolific serial killers.

However, alongside re-enacting a grim period of American history as the blood-thirsty Holmes, here are five other real-life roles that we would love to see Leo play at some point in the future:

1. Vladimir Putin


Before you think going mad, this one's come straight from the horse's mouth. Last year, Leo publicly spoke of his admiration for the Russian president, saying:

“Putin would be very, very, very interesting. I would love to play him.”

As one of the most influential and high-profile men in the movie industry right now, it would be very apt for him to take on the role of the great Russian leader – something that ol' Putes would probably embrace. After meeting the actor in 2010 at a tiger conservation conference, the President admirably referred to Leo as a 'muzhik,' which in Russian translate to 'real man.'


2. Rasputin


Another Russian figure that Leo has expressed his interest in bringing to the big screen is Grigori Rasputin, an infamous 'holy man' and mystic that had the court of Tsar Nicholas II in his grip right before the Russian Revolution in 1917. As well as playing the role of revolutionary Vladimir Lenin, our dear DiCaps has said he would be up for growing a beard and perfecting that menacing glare – his actual words were:

"I think there should be more films about Russian history because it has many stories worthy of Shakespeare. That is fascinating for an actor. Lenin also would be an interesting role. I would like also to star as Rasputin.”

3. Ulysses S. Grant


Although he is not as well known as some of America's other leaders, Ulysses S. Grant still stands as a very influential figure in the country's history. He began his political journey as a US general and commander of the Union armies towards the end of the Civil War, before going on to take up office as the 18th US president.

Bringing in Leo to bring to life this fascinating character, who is often wrongfully considered to have been one of the weaker US leaders, could serve as a challenging role for the Oscar winner. I'd go see it.

4. King Harald Bluetooth

Considering Leo's role in The Revenant won him an Academy Award, he would probably do well in another part that requires him to wear a bunch of animal furs on his back as he trudges through the wilderness.

Harald Bluetooth was the King of Denmark and Norway back in the 11th century, well known for bringing numerous warring factions together. He's a fascinating historical figure recognised for storming the shores of England in 1066 and who is largely considered to be the last Viking king. Reportedly, Leo is so interested in Harald's life that his company Appian Way has optioned a script pitch of a feature called King Harald.

5. Clark Gable

Warner Bros
Warner Bros

Now that Leo is officially Hollywood royalty following his monumental win at the Academy Awards last month, he might as well embrace his calling and take on the greatest American film star of the roaring twenties – Clark Gable.

Referred to simply as 'The King,' the legendary actor most notably appeared in Gone with the Wind and like Leo, was also a fan of the ladies, conducting a number of on and off screen romances. Cheeky!

Bonus: Jack Nicholson!

Just because, this:

Who should Leonardo DiCaprio play next?



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