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We all know many have gotten the great chance of seeing Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice a week early, due to attending the IMAX teaser footage. But I was told someone has seen it already. Now, of course I say take this as a grain of salt, but it's always up to how you interpret things. From a buddy of mines, he mentioned this.

Update: Now these new spoilers are from other friends. New spoilers marked (**) They gave me photo's too but I won't open or post them, due to not wanting to spoil it for myself. Or ruin anything for DC/WB.

*I know a guy who knows a guy who sees movies early (told him Han dies weeks before SW came out) and saw BvS and this is what he told him: "Opening scene is the Flash's vision. The dude did not like the costume but Ezra did a great job. Then after is Metropolis war from Bruce's eyes.

*There are lots of easter eggs for future movies. Jason Todd vs Joker, Wonder Woman solo and Man of Steel 2.

*Nightwing has a scene.

*Aquaman is tortured by Lex. Our trinity rescue him.

*The dude says Wonder Woman is so fucking good. Lex is fucking crazy, everybody will hate him:

*At the end of the movie, Flash warns Batman, Superman and Wonder Woman about Darkseid.

**There's a big funeral. A track on the OST is based on a death.

**The ending is amazing and emotional. Very!

**There's a written monument. Starting the sentence with "If you seek his monument–––" I won't give you more.

*After the credits scene: General Swanwick asks "What's your name soldier?" and soldier replies "Hal Jordan, sir."

This is just what was told over at DC Comics and Movies . I haven't taken it as anything but just a rumor. Though we should think of it as possibly being true. We know the Flash can time travel. We know there's a dream sequence. Who's to say he didn't "see" or visit the future of when Batman is fighting Darkseid and the Bizarro like Superman off?

This scene means something big. It has to be the layer of some future easter eggs. Dawn of Justice is and will be a multi-layered point-of-view type of film. So there will be many things taken into another character's standpoint. Not necessarily as descriptive as Bruce's but clear enough for us to notice. We've seen the Robin suit, having the Joker written all over it, but we still have so much more to go. Aquaman's and Cyborg's appearances, included. Plus a Hal Jordan cameo after the credits? Many may consider it as being bloated, but these are appearances to establish where the character(s) are now. Not their origins. There's a difference.

In the end, it's up to you on how to take this. We still have a few weeks to go, until we finally get to see it. As we know, Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice hits theaters March 25th.


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