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Audi believes that it could succeed by following the initial footsteps of Tesla Motors.

Tesla Motors was previously an entrant that focused upon an unusual segment of the automobile market, electric roadsters. Nobody gave it much credit in the automotive industry, but the ideas of CEO Elon Musk proved to be successful and turned the brand into a strong rival of European conventional brands like Audi.

Audi wants to take inspiration from the risk taking approach of the Californian organization. Its technical head of the company, Stefan Knirsch admits the new plans of the Ingolstadt-based company. He elaborated that Tesla brings new products to the market at an astounding pace and the company envisions agile way of operating in the future.

The boss of the Volkswagen Group, Matthias Muller, has mirrored the plans of his division. He stated that the European automaker must “think more like Tesla”. As Stefan Knirsch elaborated in interviews by Brits at Autocar, the idea behind the given statements is that Audi must behave more like Tesla and other companies based in the Silicon Valley as it should be innovative, risk-taking and fast-moving.

Nevertheless, Knirsch holds the belief that the involvement of Tesla in the automobile business has led to the more conventional thinking in recent times, as it needs to focus on expanding production, reducing costs, focusing upon profits and investing in production facilities.

From this point of view, Stefan thinks that the EV maker has shifted the way of thinking. Tesla’s initial steps in the automobile business have inspired Audi to alter its strategy and make new products.

The German company is interested in developing a family vehicle that will offer a range of 310 miles (500 kilometers), will charge only in 15 minutes, and its cost will not be over its conventional-engine equivalent. The new automobile from Audi will be manufactured after it invests heavily in autonomous cars and electric vehicles, but it is unclear whether the new model will be a full-cell vehicle or electric vehicle.

Inside Evs reported that a journalist of Motley News, Daniel Sparks, drove Tesla Model S 90D for Autopilot drive. He was “shocked” by the driving experience. Not a long time ago, Car and Driver tested Model S on Autopilot over a complete course of 51 miles of freeway, city, and rural driving. It claimed that the vehicle was the best semi-autonomous car of the world.

Sparks focused his drive on the highway. He drove 61 miles without any interference. He only occasionally tapped the steering wheel and adjusted the cruise control. Musk stated recently within 2 to 3 years that his company would be equipped with the ability to make vehicles that can be “summoned” across the nation without any driver.

The vehicle would even be equipped with the capability to charge and stop itself.


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