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Baldwin Collins

So it's been official for some weeks now, That Hollywood actor/comedian Damon Wayans will be starring in the Fox t v Version of the once popular film franchise ''Lethal Weapon'' A string of film sequels made famous from the original Back in (1987) by Danny Glover and Mel Gibson.

The two actors played the fictional characters detective roger murtaugh (Danny Glover) and detective Martin Riggs ( Mel Gibson ) the duo was very popular back in the 80s and 90s era. ending with ''Lethal weapon'' 4 However it was once rumored that the two originals stars would make a ''lethal weapon'' 5. but the project never came to reality.

Damon Wayans will be cast as roger murtaugh. Wayans is a veteran star in Comic /action films. many fans will remember him alongside Bruce Willis in ''the last boy scout'' (1991). until now there's no news from the Media who will be cast as Martin Riggs. Who do you Believe could play Martin Riggs in the t v series version ?


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