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As their on-screen alter egos get set to rain down a whole lot of punches and snark in Batman V Superman: Dawn Of Justice, it's always seemed safe to assume that Ben "Batman" Affleck and Henry "Superman" Cavill get along just fine in the real world. After all, they're both talented actors who sufficiently resemble real-life comic book heroes, so why wouldn't they join handsome forces to be the best of buds?

Well, from the looks of a new video offering you — yes, you — the chance to hang out with the pair (or a certain villainous guest star) at the movie's world premiere, there might just be a surprising number of reasons why they're not besties, chief among them their respective alter egos' vehicles of choice and camouflage techniques.

All of which the duo chose to make clear through that most noble of outlets — throwing major shade. You can check it out for yourself right here:

The best part of all that? No, it's not Affleck sardonically donning glasses, or Cavill's checklist of non-vehicle-requiring heroes, or even the fact that Jesse Eisenberg is evidently channeling Lex Luthor in his day-to-day life, but rather the fact that the entire snark-fest is all for a very good cause.

Or, rather, three of them. With the proceeds from the contest going to three charities selected by the actors themselves — Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, SEED Project and Eastern Congo Initiative — there's more incentive to enter the competition than merely the chance to make ridiculous faces behind Affleck while he tries to promote a major motion picture.

If you're so inclined, then, you can enter right here — and if not, never fear: You can always join us in rewatching the trailers on loop until the movie hits theaters...

...ahhhh. That's better.

What do you think, though?


Which 'Batman V Superman' star would you most like to hang out with for the day?

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