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Steven Universe is unfortunately prone to leaked content, thanks to the long, long, (loooong) gaps between episodes. Sometimes fans are treated to legit trailers... and sometimes there's a slightly less-than-legit leak instead. This is one of those times, and last week's leak was a doozy. Two clips were leaked, showing the climax of the episode 'Super Watermelon Island,' and an interesting conflict in 'Barn Mates.' And the second leak could be foreshadowing Yellow Diamond's final arrival on Earth...

Will Yellow Diamond Pursue Peridot?

Yellow Diamond is a really interesting antagonist, mostly because of the distant threat she poses. Foreshadowed for months, Yellow Diamond finally made an appearance in the episode 'Message Received,' when Peridot tried to reason with her about Earth.

The consequence of this was that Peridot was cast out by Yellow Diamond, and with Jasper out of action (for now), that means there is no one to oversee the creation of the Cluster on Yellow Diamond's behalf.

So what will this mean for the Crystal Gems? For now it's a victory, as the Gems can continue in their mission to destroy the Cluster. But with her soldiers defeated or defected, Yellow Diamond may eventually come to Earth herself... and that might be what the new leak is foreshadowing.

In the clip, Peridot, Lapis Lazuli, and Steven are pursued by a probe which seems to be sent by Yellow Diamond herself. The "roaming eye" is no match for Lapis's formidable powers, however, and she soon destroys the machine. But this is just a temporary solution, and it seems as though Yellow Diamond wants to actually kill Peridot for her defiance...

"This is it, Steven! They're going to wipe my precious grin off the face of this planet!"

The question is, will Yellow Diamond stop with just a probe? How long do the Crystal Gems have before she arrives on Earth in person to deal with the situation?

Yellow Diamond in Message Received
Yellow Diamond in Message Received

Yellow Diamond still doesn't seem to think the Crystal Gems, or Earth, pose enough of a threat to pay a personal visit. But with Lapis destroying this probe it seems all but inevitable that eventually the Crystal Gems with have to face Yellow Diamond's forces, if not Yellow Diamond herself. But what about the other diamonds?

The Diamond Authority

In the strict hierarchy of Homeworld, the Diamonds seem to control all of gem life. Who they are, and how Homeworld society works is something fans (and Ronaldo) have been wondering about since Season 1. In Season 2 we're finally getting some answers about this, mostly thanks to Peridot.

"They're objectively better than us. Every Gem has their strengths and weakness, but not them. They're absolutely totally completely flawless beings! Especially my diamond: Yellow Diamond."
Yellow Diamond takes control in Message Received
Yellow Diamond takes control in Message Received

Now that Yellow Diamond has appeared we have a better idea of her character, but there's still a lot we don't know about her, or the other diamonds. Blue Diamond seems to be a lot more reserved, from what we saw of her in 'The Answer.' And there's still no sign of the enigmatic Pink and White Diamonds.

With plenty of episodes left to go, hopefully Steven Universe Season 2 will solve some of the mystery of the diamonds, as well as shed some light on the Crystal Gems' past. For now though, it looks like 'Barn Mates' will answer some of our questions, as well as potentially establish Lapis Lazuli as an ally of the Crystal Gems.


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