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Last year in July, Josh Wigler of MTV News, sat down with Team Cap on the set of [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) and talked about the upcoming movie! The cast didn't give anything extremely important away, but shed some light on the upcoming events in the movie. He spoke with the Russos, Chris Evans, Anthony Mackie, Sebastion Stan, the writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely.

Anthony and Joe Russo (Directors of Civil War), the ones responsible for one of the best movies to come out in the last decade, The Winter Solder, and check out what they had to say about the upcoming action in Civil War....

“As a kid I would just go through [comics] and look at who was fighting who,” says Joe, speaking on the blistering hot Atlanta set of the new Marvel movie. “I’d stand there in the store for fifteen minutes until the guy told me to buy the book or get out. You’d just study it, and so this sequence [we’re shooting now] is our live-action splash panel or double panel — it’s a big, epic sequence.”

We all know that Batman v Superman is coming out on March 25th, but Captain America: Civil War is probably the more anticipated movie of the two (I want to see them both equally). The movie is the thirteenth entry in Marvel's MCU and promises to change things for our favorite heroes. Let's see what Evans has to say about the magnitude of Civil War...

“This isn’t a character struggle,this is kind of an execution struggle — how things should be done. [Cap] respects Tony as a man, and I’m sure he respects me as well. We just each have different emotional concerns.”
“The Avengers have been operating independent of any government restriction, so I think that makes plenty of people nervous,” says Evans. “I don’t think I’m giving anything away by saying what happens is certain governments expect a little bit of a change.”
“It’s not Stamford,” he says, “but we’ll have an incident that will force the governments of the world to go, ’Wait a second. Let’s talk about the laundry list of things that we’re not happy about. Let’s finally do something about that. We think you guys need some oversight.'”

Wow, it's shaping up to be what everyone is expecting, an emotional horror story that dives deep into our favorite Avengers' heads and we as fans have no clue what to really expect. Sebastian Stan plays the redeemable Bucky Barnes, he and Evans talk about the role they play in each others life in the movie...

“It’s very much a big struggle, figuring out what his life has been about and what he’s really been up to.” Sebatian Stan on Bucky
“[Bucky] is a huge piece of his history and a huge piece of his struggle,” says Evans, “not just to have someone that he can connect to on a friendship level, but just the guilt he must have. ’I let you go. I’m sorry.’ Just the survivor’s guilt element, there’s plenty to play with.”

Anyone who has a best friend can relate, can you imagine dropping him/her from a train. (I know, it's crazy and comic booky, but it's still a great question!) So, is this one of the main reasons why he's going against Tony in Civil War. That guilt must weigh a ton on Steve's broad shoulders and to be honest, it's something I really didn't think of when I discuss this movie.

I understood that he loves Bucky, but I always thought it was rooted in their friendship back in Brooklyn and World War II (it still is). It makes more sense that Steve feels responsible for all of Bucky's actions as the The Winter Soldier and is trying to do right by him. I'm sure there's a nice mixture of guilt inside Steve's head which should translate gloriously on the big screen.

Joe and Anthony also share the scale of the movie compare to other movies in Marvel's MCU...

“It’s a sprawling film, no question,” says Joe Russo. “This is much, much bigger than Winter Soldier. In fact, it’s probably bigger than anything [Marvel] have done to date — just in scale of character, without question.”
“It’s also very complex on that level,” adds Anthony, “because while these characters have had conflicts before, this movie takes it to an entirely different level. So you’re taking your protagonists and you’re turning them into antagonists for one another, and that’s a very complicated process for these beloved characters.”

One of the writers of Civil War, Stephen McFeely, had these interesting comments about the role of certain characters in the movie...

“Balance is absolutely the challenge,” says McFeely. “We don’t fool ourselves into thinking everybody is going to have… we’re not going to split all the roles and lines and screen time into fifteen parts. It is a Captain America movie, and lined up on the opposite side of him, first and foremost, is Tony Stark.”

If you want to check out the full interview, click here to read it in all its glory!


This movie could be bigger than Age of Ultron, in terms of box office and the emotional fallout with these characters. To be honest, I feel dumb never putting the two together; that Steve blames himself for every murder that Bucky did. I know he said that it was survivors guilt, but if he didn't drop him, then Hydra would not have created the perfect assassin (It really wasn't his fault, but superheroes always feel guilty). This dynamic is intriguing and after reading this interview, my interest in the movie is well passed the moon! (Does Cap kinda remind you of Batman, with his survivors guilt? I cannot wait for both of these movies!)

'Captain America: Civil War' hits theaters on May 6, 2016!

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