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MCU and DCEU= Life

Comic book movies have been dominating the box office for many years now, but sooner or later they start to run out of ideas. So as we look to the future, here is my opinion on story lines that should be adapted to the big screen.

8. Secret Invasion

The Secret Invasion story-line was based on Skrulls (shape shifting aliens) invading Earth and taking over the identity of superheroes. You could never know who to trust. The first super hero that was found out to be a Skrull was Elektra. This would be a great opportunity to crossover the tv universe and the MCU together, and even introduce more characters.

7. Sinestro Corps War

I'm pretty sure this would've been the sequel to 2011's Green Lantern, but since it was.... what is was, that would be happening anytime soon. But maybe after 2020's Green Lantern Corps, its a possibility. Introducing the Sinestro Corps and even having the Justice League going up against them? That would be so cool. The story is a great one and watching it fold on the big screen would be epic.

6. Avengers vs X-Men

In the comics, AvX is an event where the Avengers went head to head against the X-Men to try to obtain Hope Summers, the person who the newly reborn Phoenix Force is after. This story arc has betrayal and heart break. However, the X-Men are owned by Fox, so having this happen would be a little tricky. Not impossible, though. Maybe the X-Men have been in hiding and they were just myths? Inter-dimensional travel? Who knows. But this is one comic book story fans are dying to see.

5. Blackest Night

Following the events of the Sinestro War, the Black Lanterns rose. I don't know too much about this story, but from a summary by Darkseid_Prime on Comic Vine, the summary is as followed:

It is the end of the Sinestro Corp Wars, but nothing is calm. The universe seems to be tearing itself apart as the War of Light erupts among the Lantern Corps. With the arrival of these other lanterns, everything leads to an ancient prophecy that transcends the Guardians of the Green Lantern Corps. Even worse is when one of their own, Scar, starts it. Black Power Rings start going across the universe and the dead begin to rise from their graves.

Dead allies and enemies are being brought back to life. They have memories and feed on the emotions of the living to bring the entity of death itself, Nekron, back to the world . The lantern corps must put aside their differences in order to combat the undead. Oa, the Green Lantern homeworld, is shattered and what remaining lanterns still alive fight to defend what they have fought so dear to protect and come to terms with the specters of fallen allies.

The heroes fight to stop Nekron, as he searches for the entity of life which resides on earth. with little time the heroes of the lantern corps fight off Nekrons army and try to reach the entity first. With Nekron and his forces facing White Lantern Sinestro and the newly restored Justice League, Nekron is defeated and the Blackest Night ends, bringing forth the Brightest Day.

4. House of M

House of M is a great story line, following the events of Avengers Disassembled when Scarlet Witch lost control of her powers. Although in Captain America: Civil War,

Scarlet Witch is rumored to die. Is this true? Personally I don't think so, that would be a waste.

But in House of M, Scarlet Witch puts everyone is an alternate reality, with different outcomes, which is pretty cool.

3. JLA: Tower of Babel

In this DC event, it was revealed that Batman has secret files on every single JLA member. Unfortunately, Ra's al Ghul gets a hold of these files, and plans the defeat of the Justice League. This story is also based on the animated movie Justice League: Doom. I, personally, think this would be a great movie to create on the big screen.

2. The Killing Joke

Now apparently a Killing Joke movie may be in the works (and an r rating, too!) but it definitely earns a spot on this list. The main points in this story are the Joker creating his "amusement park" and capturing Barbra Gordon and torturing her (in some pretty messed up ways) to try to drive Jim Gordon insane.

In the end, Batman ends up sharing a laugh with Joker (like seriously?!) and kills him.... KILLS HIM!

1. Spider-Verse

This is probably my favorite story-line of all time. In this event, all the Spider-men in every dimension SPOILER ALERT:

IT'S A LOT OF SPIDER-MEN- J. Jonah Jameson would be happy

and they all come together to not, well, be eaten by the vampire Morlun and his family. It's a great story line, and I highly recommend it to everyone- I recommend all of these story lines!


We are going to have superhero movies for awhile. And there are countless possibilities to new stories that can be told!

Did I miss any? Let me know in the comments below!


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