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Hello, it's me, Meelah again. After the viral success of Selfie from Hell, Erdal Ceylan and I finally have a new project to share with you:

Demon's Dawn

Picking Up Where 'Selfie' Left Off

Since Selfie from Hell went viral, a lot of things have happened. The worldwide success of the video changed Erdal's and my life – almost over night. Our ideas, expectations and wishes were not only met but also overly exceeded. We were asked to do interviews, presentations and meetings but best of all, we were asked to create more videos.

Erdal Ceylan, Meelah Adams at Berlinale 2016
Erdal Ceylan, Meelah Adams at Berlinale 2016

Selfie from Hell has since been nominated for various awards and has won several prizes. We've also been asked to submit the video to different film festivals and competitions. Most exciting of all, however, we were asked to turn Selfie from Hell into a feature-length film. So YES, there's going to be a Selfie from Hell movie, on which we are working right now!

To current situation the Selfie from Hell short is nominated for the most important video prize in Germany, the Web Video Award 2016 Germany (in German: Deutscher Webvideopreis). If you like to support our video, you have the chance to vote for Selfie from Hell until the 27th of May. Please just click here.

Creating Demon's Dawn

Having a successful viral is having a lot of luck, and we both know that we were very lucky with that, because you can't cotroll or even force virality. So all this time we've been asking ourselves, "what the hell do we do next!?" What could we possibly do after producing this much success? We just knew that we want to scare and entertain people. The expectations are huge, and we're well aware that everyone's waiting for something similar to or better than Selfie from Hell. In my opinion, those are just impossible goals. We also want to avoid “copying” ourselves or repeating the same thing.

Demon's Dawn
Demon's Dawn

Erdal had a great idea for a video, one that could be shot entirely on a single location – a couch. As well as with a super minimal cast – one person. That sounded very appealing and controllable, and that's exactly how Demon's Dawn came to be. In traditional manner it was made by the one-man-one-woman-team, just Erdal and myself. That gave us the possibility to test our skills and play with various effects, elements. Simultaneously we tried some different things for the upcoming Selfie from Hell picture.

Demon's Dawn
Demon's Dawn

We were very inspired and highly motivated to do something completely new. We were eager to finally shoot another short film, ready to face the challenge and to start a new experiment. A fresh video without dialogues, that everyone around the world could understand. We hope that it will scare, surprise, and most of all entertain. We hope you enjoy it, and that you will share the terror with those close to you.

Stay tuned for the next scary short ... and the Selfie from Hell movie ;)

Thanks for watching, reading and for supporting us!

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