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With all of the mystery surrounding Tom Holland and intrigue regarding how his iteration of Peter Parker will be introduced in the upcoming Captain America: Civil War, even less is known about his standalone Spider-Man movie coming in 2017.

Marvel and Sony have kept relatively tight-lipped when it comes to this untitled Spider-Man reboot. Until this point, the only confirmed castings have been Holland as the lead and Marisa Tomei as Aunt May.

According to Deadline, the 19-year-old Zendaya (K.C. Undercover) has been cast to play a lead role opposite Holland.

There's no word at the moment about the character she'll play, but Deadline suggests her character's name is Michelle and it looks like she won't be playing the love interest:

I hear she will play a character named Michelle. Nobody is providing details on whether this is the romantic lead opposite Peter Parker, but it doesn’t sound like it.

Whether or not she's a love interest, we're all champing at the bit to find out who Zendaya will be playing. Both Mary Jane Watson and Gwen Stacy have been covered in previous Spider-Man movies, but there are still plenty of characters to choose from. Perhaps we'll finally see Black Cat in full force?

Sony/Marvel's untitled 'Spider-Man' reboot will be released in 2017, but we will get to see Tom Holland make his debut in 'Captain America: Civil War,' in theaters May 6.

Who do you think Zendaya will be playing in the 'Spider-Man' reboot?

(Source: Deadline)


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