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Shi Heng Shi

While anything coming out of the U.K.'s Daily Mail should be taken with a grain of salt, an article contains a rumor being circulated that as many as 10 additional Star Wars films could be in the works at Disney. An unnamed source goes on to say that the success of The Force Awakens has given the higher ups at Disney a lot to think about.

But are they going too far and risking diminishing what makes Star Wars special in the first place? While the studio is taking a calculated risk introducing films outside of the main saga via Star Wars Stories, it's important to note these aren't tested yet. Out of the three Star Wars Story movies, only Rogue One will focus on new characters. While the initial Han Solo spin-off was met with initial fanfare, further thinking on behalf of the fans has us asking if we really need to know any more about a young Han Solo. The rumored to be, but little info on, Boba Fett spin-off also lays out the possibility of another film examining a time period earlier on in his life (unless they go in the direction of a Post-Return of the Jedi movie, which I argue would be the better route to go.)

I can understand why looking at the success of The Force Awakens, and the Marvel franchise, why a studio could be tempted to flood the market with as many films as possible. But the prequels showed us how dangerous it can be to mess with "Star Wars" and while The Force Awakens has renewed hope in the fandom, there's still two more movies to go before the sequel trilogy can definitively be judged as a whole.

Unlike the Marvel Universe that exists in the fluid story telling of graphic novels, where the audience is used to strange arcs and universe altering changes, Star Wars, cinematically speaking is a cultural touchstone. While the idea of a pre-A New Hope, post-Revenge of the Sith Kenobi trilogy sounds enticing for example, the events of such a movie will have serious impact on the canon and the overall Star Wars lore. Star Wars Rebels, in my opinion is already dancing with danger in introducing us to many of the OT era characters during this period, and seeing a great deal of force-sensitive/jedi/jedi in training/a Darth Maul that never goes away/ only 5 years out from the main events in ANH.

Now don't get me wrong. I love Star Wars and odds are that I will watch whatever makes it to the silverscreen --heck it's probably part of the studio's calculation --but that said I worry that we can end up getting too much of a good thing. We could end up with more Star Wars than we ever wanted, or really need beyond the new trilogy and current slate of Star Wars Stories. Considering the health of the new Star Wars graphic novels, the relatively fresh new expanded universe, and opportunities on streaming services to make interesting new television programming, there is ample space to capitalize on the Star Wars brand without diluting what made it so important on cultural terms in the first place.


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