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News has broken that Zendaya has been cast in a "key role" for the new Spider-Man reboot and the first collaboration between Sony and Marvel Studios. Now that they are putting Spider-Man back in high school, let's wonder what if Disney went out and cast this movie with it's past and present Disney channel stars.

Here are four key roles that would suit these Disney stars perfectly.

1. Bella Thorne/Mary Jane Watson

Why not start Bella Thorne who played CeCe Jones and was Zendaya's partner in crime during her Disney Channel days in Shake it Up.

2. Cameron Boyce/Harry Osborn

The Descendants and Jessie star could take on the role of friend and foe with ease.

3. Jake Thomas/Doctor Octopus

Jake Thomas made a name for himself as Jason Stickler in Corey in the House and could play a young Dr. Otto Octavius.

4. Dove Cameron/Gwen Stacy

Dove Cameron is also in Descendants and like Gwen Stacy in the new Spider-Gwen comics, she plays both Liv and Maddie Rooney in the show Liv and Maddie.

With the rebooted Spider-Man movie being centralized during Peter Parker's high school days, and the roster of young talent that Disney has to offer. This would be a movie that will never see anything other than a PG rating, and it would have a marketing campaign push no movie, show, concert or event has had before. If you thought Star Wars was heavily advertised and teased on the Disney Channel and across the globe, just imagine what it would be like if they were masterminds behind an all Disney cast for Spider-Man.


Which would be your favorite casting of these four?


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