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NBC has a new comedy called 'Powerless' and it's set in the DC Universe (I think, I am not quite sure how yet)! Recent casting announcements had Vanessa Hudgens (Grease Live!) , Danny Pudi (Community) and Alan Tudyk (Firefly and A Knight's Tale) set to join the new series! Here's a video revealing some interesting photos (really, interesting?) about NBC's new show...

If you're like me than you might not know who she is and why she matters. Please watch the video and it will give you some insight! Did it? Let's take one more look at these set photos, shall we!

I really hope that this show is like the phenomenal 'Parks and Recreations,' but with superheroes! I am biased when it comes to certain outfits on comic book shows (except for Supergirl's Indigo, that just looked tacky and cheap. I hate to say that because I loved Smallville and Laura Vandervoort's performance was actually quite good!) I honestly think that's a pretty intimidating look with the claws, but we'll see what role Crimson Fox will play in the upcoming series.

I am a guy, so I chose this photo
I am a guy, so I chose this photo
Is it the blue paint, or the hair?
Is it the blue paint, or the hair?

We could speculate on what the show will be all about (besides insurance stuff), but let's hope that it deals with zany characters and how their interpersonal relationships deals with superheroes.

Source: Justice League News {Via Heroic Hollywood}


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