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Do or do not, there is no try..
Kerry Cepero

It’s still early in the 2016 year and that means there is plenty of time to turn from puny to POWERFUL. There is no question that the HULK has to be the most powerful hero in the Marvel universe, with a strength level so crazy that he can literally crack a planet wide open. Yea, of course its comic book fiction, but don’t kid yourself. You know you want HULK size biceps to walk around campus with!

When you look at yourself in the mirror, envision all the powerful HULK size gains you can add to your body. How, you ask? I think we all know that answer will require turning off the gaming console, and making your way to the house of PAIN! The power of THE HULK isn't given to you my friends, you will have to EARN it!

Ladies, we’re not forgetting you potential SHE-HULKS either! You can add a balanced amount of muscle to your frame without looking off. Touch your right arm-if you feel nothing but skin and bone then you can hit the weights hard too! Time to give the boys a run for their money!

Whether it’s a gym or a small space in your home, make yourself a promise to stop wishing you were big, and HULK IT UPPPP! (Shout out to DDP YOGA)! Need help, not a problem. I’ve compiled some videos of athletes that are HULK sized to the max! They will fill your head with the type of motivation that will enable you to take those 15lbs dumbbells that have been collecting dust under the bed and put them to work. Doubt me? Just watch! I bet that when your done you’ll see the light!

Kai Greene, Three-time Arnold Classic Winner

Jay Cutler, Four Time Mr. Olympia

Phil Heath, Five Time Mr. Olympia

CT Fletcher Powerlifting Record Holder

Dwayne “The ROCK” Johnson Eight time WWE Champion

Dorian Yates, Six Time Mr. Olympia

Dana Lynn Bailer 2014 Ms Olympia

There you go kids! Plenty of resources to get started and tap into the power of THE HULK! So, shut off the gaming console, and get to the GYM! It will take time, but with the proper diet and training regiment you can do it!


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