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The Walking Dead has certainly picked up the pace in season 6 in terms of the show and its connection to the comic books. For a long time now the show has been in this sort of slow slump, where things happened, but there were no major repercussions to them. Killing meant nothing, the group was just trying to survive.


Recently, however, the show has begun to lead into a massive storyline from the comics. The arrival of Jesus. Alexandria meeting with the Hilltop and cutting a deal to kill Negan for food. It's building up to an all out war!

Now what would make a lot of sense for the show is if when the group finally encounters Negan, he kills Maggie. I know this is a very unpopular opinion, but what better way to establish utter hatred for a character than for him to kill the pregnant wife of one of the shows' most beloved characters, Glenn?

Don't you hate him already?!

In the comic books when the group finally encounters Negan, he beats Glenn to death with his bat wrapped in barbed wire, which he has named Lucille. The story in the show right now is leading to a point where they are going to encounter Negan, and everyone is expecting a major death.

In the comics, when it finally comes to the end, and the war is over, Rick decides not to kill Negan. Even after the deaths of friends and loved ones, he makes the decision to do things differently in the spirit of creating a new world and steering away from the idea of "You Kill, You Die!" That phrase is also MAJORLY flawed as almost every character on the show has killed a living person at this point.

It would makes sense for Maggie to be killed in Glenn's place, so that down the line when Rick and the group inevitably stop Negan, Glenn will be the one with a gun to Negan's head.

This will be a major test for Rick as he will have to prove to Glenn that the correct way to handle this situation would be not to kill. Glenn being the moral compass of the show so far, would still have the most difficulty not killing Negan if he was the one who killed Maggie in front of his own eyes. This would be such a dramatic switch in character development, showing just how far the new world has pushed not just Glenn and Rick, but all the characters who need to change and adapt to it.

"So this is the next world..."

As of last night's episode, we know Carol and Maggie are being held captive by some of Negan's people. Obviously we have no clue how this will turn out, so we'll have to wait until next week and find out! Take a look at the promo for episode 13, 'The Same Boat.'

Granted this is just my opinion based on comic knowledge and speculation. If you agree or disagree, comment below!

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Who do you think will be Negan's first major kill?


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