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A petition of course!

On February 12th 2016 I made a petition to make the Marvel universe whole again! It was a petition to get MARVEL and Fox making a deal for the X-Men and the Fantastic Four to join the MCU. Stan Lee wanted it as a crossover movie. Don't believe me?p

Could it actually happen?

Well, yes. If you can help me. It's simple, read the petition details, the highlights from the start (February 20th to March 4) then think about it before signing it. If you're not interested the please forget what I wrote. I just wanted the MARVEL universe whole again. I bet you do too.

Will Deadpool be in it?

Sure I'll be in it! All you have to do is sign the (CENSORED) petition and all your dreams will come true. Make sure to ask your mommy, show her the site and tell her to call me (she's got the number). Oh and don't forget to leave a chimichanga for me! (It's my favourite snack!)
~ Deadpool

Excuse Deadpool here. He's sometimes an idiot.


Bog off, Deadpool! (Sigh) But he will be in this movie. Don't worry Deadpool fans!

See you in the next post!

Over and out!

- Aidan Coxon

P.S you have to copy the link I wrote in. It's not available to be clicked on.


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