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Deadline have the latest scoop on casting for Sony and Marvel's Spider-Man reboot - and it's a surprise!

Yes, nineteen-year-old - actress, singer, dancer, and model - will be joining the cast. Surprisingly enough, she's playing a character who goes by the name of Michelle. Zendaya's popularity is growing, and some fans are hoping this could be a breakout role for her.

But here's the catch: who's Michelle? The reboot is based in Peter Parker's high-school years, and there's literally no Michelle among his classmates. The only Michelle fans can think of is a girlfriend / flat-mate from years later, who seems rather unlikely. Whoever she may be, it seems decidedly odd that she's been cast before the likes of, say, Aunt May, Gwen Stacy, or Mary-Jane!

Fan speculation is currently running wild; some fans are making a guess that the character is none other than the White Tiger, another superhero, but I'm not entirely sure about their logic. Not least because no incarnation of the White Tiger has been called Michelle either...

Whoever Zendaya plays, the future is beginning to take shape for Spider-Man. Let's see who's cast next!


Are you expecting Zendaya's character to be a major one?


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