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I talked in a previous article about me starting my own series which is my own DCEU. This is made out of interest. If you want to know more read this article: There may be a few mistakes as I did this over a long time. If there are tell me in the comments. The story is long but it is good.

Introduction and setting

This movie should take place before and after the events of batman vs superman. I would break this down into each segment. This follows the under the red hood storyline with a few changes. Now for what you have all been waiting for my Batman Solo film. For those that don't know Jason todd was the second Robin and dick grayson/nightwing was the first Robin. In my DCEU I want the media to play a big part.

Before batman vs superman

Batman is with a mystery person 'who tells him tell me about the time when robin died.'

The story starts off in gotham academy. Jason todd's mum (Catherine) is a posh rich gotham girl whereas Jason todd's dad (Willis) is just lazy. He doesn't go to school as his family is too poor to afford it. Anyway we see Willis waiting outside the school gates for Catherine. Once close they embrace and kiss. But at that same moment Catherine's dad pulls up in his expensive car and tells Willis to get away from his daughter. When Catherine is in the car her father tells her not to hang out with that sewer rat. Catherine defends Willis and tells her father she loves him. They get in a heated argument and she storms out of the car and runs to Willis. She then asks Willis to elope with her and after much convincing Willis agrees.

They are getting married and as the Minster asks does anyone have any reason for them not to get married Catherine's father bursts in. He then gives Catherine an ultimatum to either marry Willis or he will disown her. Partly to spite her father and because of her love for Willis she still decides to marry him.

But being young they are not ready for the hardships they have to face. Willis turns to a Life of Crime while Catherine who becomes depressed turns to drugs. Even through their miserable life one good thing comes out of it which the birth of Jason Todd. Jason is forced to act as a child nurse. He nurses his father's bullet wound whilst constantly checking his mother has not overdosed and died. His father was was in and out of prison.

One time when his father was in prison a policeman came to his house telling him and his mother his father was dead. Catherine was in complete despair and stayed by herself in her room all night. Jason sad and crying did as well. He woke up the next day and found his mother's door slightly ajar so he went in. There he found his mother curled up in a ball dead with syringes lying by her side. A month later Jason had turned to Petty theft as a method of survival.

Batman in the Batmobile is chasing down some of Joker's crew. He catches them and get's one of them to tell him where joker is and then defeats him. As he's turning joker into the gcpd he sees 2 of the Batmobile's wheels are missing and there he sees Jason todd trying to screw off the third one. He tells todd to wait there as he is handing joker in. Joker turns and smiles at Jason todd. Batman sees jason running and he uses his grapple gun and ties him up. Batman tells Jason to turn from this Life of Crime as they may not be meeting on such friendly terms again.

Batman then hears a police report that Mad Hatter has kidnapped 3 girls, he goes into the Batmobile and drives off. Later on he passes that same Street and sees Jason lying on the ground shivering. Batman approaches him and Jason tells him to go away. A flashback is then seen of young bruce not wanting to go to an orphanage but instead stay with alfred. He tells him that he can either be taken to an orphanage or taken to his(batman's) house. Jason chooses bruce's house.

Batman doesn't try to keep Jason from his nightly activities and jason becomes the next Robin. A newspaper is seen asking 'is this Robin a better Robin'. Jason and batman get more renown.

Batman and Robin are taking down scarecrow and his goons. Robin's fighting is extremely violent and he is chasing down scarecrow. Scarecrow sprays him with fear gas but jason has a gas mask on. Then he does a move which is potentially life threatening. Batman tells him off for nearly killing scarecrow and tells him if he kills him he is no better.

On another night nightwing and Robin take on Mr freeze. Jason once again is using potentially lethal moves and after one particular move nightwing tells him off. They start to argue not realising Mr freeze to the side who freezes and knocks them out.Batman is already on his way and comes in to see robin and knighting dangling, with chains at the hands, over two separate vats of liquid nitrogen. Freeze is at the controls and tells batman if he doesn't let him escape he will drop one of them, batman decides. All three of them look at each other and batman says you know what to do. All three come out of the warehouse with Mr freeze and this is shown as a newspaper picture. Back in the batcave batman tells Robin off for his reckless fighting. After telling him off he softens and tells Jason to change and meet him so they can watch a movie together.

Meanwhile we see the joker parachuting down into a castle. He kills a few guards but ultimately gets captured. He gets taken into the main chamber where he meets ra's Al ghul. Ra's asks him what does he want. Joker tells him to first clear the room. Ra's tells everyone to get out but deathstroke, who is ra's heir at the time stays. Ra's tells him that even he should leave. After a brief hesitation deathstroke leaves whilst muttering under his breath. Once the room is cleared out joker says he knows ra's wants batman as an heir so he will give him an heir. Ra's tells him he already has one and joker points out that batman would be a better one, whilst pointing out deathstrokes reluctancy to listen to orders. Joker tells ra's he would get him this heir by killing Robin which he says would make batman angry at the criminals in gotham and would turn to ra's. Ra's sees how this makes sense and agrees. Ra's hesitates and asks Joker what he gets out of it and Joker tells him, he gets a good storybook ending to his dance with batman, plus he is able to run rampant in gotham. Joker asks for men to help him and they shake hands, agreeing.

As Batman heads up Jason gets a message on the bat computer and there he sees a woman who looks exactly like his mother. But he thought she died not even considering the possibility that it is a trap he looks for the last location, which he sees as Cairo Egypt. He rushes up and tells batman he is really tired so is going to bed. Jason goes up to his room, writes a note and sneaks out of his house. He then takes a plane to Cairo, whilst on the plane he wonders whether he should have told batman. He gets to the hotel and begins looking for his mother. A week later he finds her walking into a warehouse. He follows her and she turns and says ' I'm sorry '. He is then clobbered by someone behind him and he sees his mother accepting something from the guy and she runs away.

Jason wakes up to see the joker holding a crowbar and him tied up. He asks the joker what he was doing with his mother and joker then tells Jason that he gave his mum a concoction of his which is the greatest high she can ever have. He then tells Jason everything that happened in Jason's life even the things Jason thought nobody else knew. Jason asks him how he knew these things to which the joker tells him that he had kept his eye on Jason for a long time and orchestrated Jason's life. Even orchestrating the death of his father and faked death of his mother. Jason tells joker that batman is gonna come for him as he left a note. Joker ignores him and begins to beat him with a crowbar constantly whilst cracking jokes. After every crack of the crowbar jason repeats batman is coming for him, but soon this dies down even to the point that jason doesn't believe it anymore. The joker then gets out a make-up bag and begins painting on Jason's face. Then the scene cuts to a shadowy figure in a dark room who tells Joker 'stick to the facts.'

Joker then bends down and asks Jason is he still alive and Jason responds by spitting blood in Joker's face. The joker cleans his face and gives Jason a swift kick which knocks him out, leaving him alone.

Meanwhile Bruce goes up to check on Jason. He sees the note and quickly get's into the batwing. Having no problem finding where Jason is he heads to the location, but on his way in the Batmobile he gets run off the road and league of assassins troops attack him, which slows him down.

Jason comes to and looks frantically around the room for joker. Evaluating the joker is not there he crawls in the direction of the door. He gets closer and closer but eventually blacks out from the pain. When he wakes up again he once again crawls to the door. As he attempts to stand up he sees batman and batman sees him. They look at one another and then batman realises it is a trap. He tries to indicate to Jason but at that moment Jason opens the door not noticing batman and a bomb goes off killing him. Through the flames batman looks and finds Jason's dead body. He holds it whilst crying at the same time.

Meanwhile the joker is a distance away in position to kill batman. As he has batman in his sights he is stopped by ra's who asks him what does he think he is doing. Joker says he is doing his plan as he is going to give ra's batman's ear,not heir and begins to laugh. This annoys ra's who punches the joker. He is about to finish it when he sees batman coming in their direction. Ra's escapes but not before telling joker if he sees him again he will kill him. Batman pins up the joker. He is angry and looks like he is about to kill him. He beats him within an inch of his life and as he is about to deal the finishing blow, when he stops and leaves the joker, going into the Batmobile.

1 year later

Joker once again breaks into ra's castle and kills a few guards just like last time. He is then captured and taken to ra's (who is all alone). As he enters he tells ra's that he really needs better security. Ra's asks joker to give him one reason why he should not kill him. Joker says he has the perfect heir for him. He then tells him word on the street is you have something to heal people. Joker wants to use it to bring back todd so that he can kill his mentor. Joker tells ra's that this would give him the perfect heir. However he would need deathstroke and some of ra's men. Ra's is reluctant but after more convincing agrees. They shake hands and ra's pull joker in close and tells him that if he betrays him batman would be the least of his worries.

Ra's goes through with it whilst the Joker goes back to gotham. Jason comes out alive and well but ra's tells him he will be never be the same again. He then gets trained first by the league of assassins and then with the al caste. He learns many things such as how to also magically create weapons out of thin air. His training is complete and he heads back to gotham accompanied by deathstroke, who relays what ra's says to Jason.


The joker is seen stealing from a bank with harley quinn and a few goons. Batman shows up and defeats them really easily. Once he has dropped them at arkham he tells alfred that it was easy to defeat them, almost too easy. He tells the staff to give him regular updates.

Meanwhile Jason todd is in his hotel and sees the news about Joker's apprehension. He becomes angry at this as he realises batman didn't care about him enough to kill the joker and get revenge.

As Batman gets into the Batmobile their is a police report of the riddler calling batman out. Batman goes to the location and uses stealth to take down the guards. As he is doing this he notices that there are less guards than he originally counted. As he goes in for the final guard a man in a red hood comes down and kills the guard.

Batman asks him what he is doing and red hood responds what he could never do. They begin to fight and it is nearly one sided in favour of batman. Batman goes in for a punch and red hood magically pulls a sword out of nowhere. He asks him how did he do that. Red hood replies ' if i told you it ruins all the fun out of it.' They continue to fight with red hood making weapons appear and disappear. He then says 'its nice to see you haven't lost your touch old man.' He tells batman he is late. He then throws down a smoke grenade and disappears. Batman then surpasses riddler's riddles and stops him.

Meanwhile red hood is on the other side of town. He managed to gather gotham's biggest mob bosses (scarface, two face,penguin, black mask, falcone) and tells them that he is enforcing a tax on them. Therefore all their proceeds go to him. Scarface gets up and asks says why should they listen. Red hood throws the heads of each of their first in commands in the mob bosses direction. Each of them look at it with horror.

Black mask stands up and says there are five of us and one of you. Red hood jumps down and disarms each of them. He then gets a knife and is about to cut black mask when black mask begs him to stop.

Over the weeks red hood gains more fame and there are various newspapers asking is red hood the way forward, is red hood's method better, and the final newspaper says is red hood better than batman. Each time batman meets red hood he tries getting more information out of him but red hood is tight lipped when he isn't cracking jokes.

Due to the new red hood fame the mob bosses come together and plan that they will send assassins to kill him as he is hitting their respective business' too hard.

Red hood is found by the assassins in an empty site. The assassins are Solomon grundy, copperhead, firefly and electricutioner. He asks them 'why are you attacking me' to which firefly responds 'you know why'. Batman sees this while in the batwing and goes to help him out. Once he gets their he is shocked to see nightwing who was heavily affected by Jason's death. Nightwing said that he thought he should help. Batman and red hood fight off the assassins whilst nightwing is getting beat up by grundy. Batman notices that nightwing is not cracking jokes at all and asks knighting what he will get for 'his old friend's birthday(alfred)'. Nightwing says probably a gift voucher. Then batman knows it is not knighting and says that alfred's birthday is not for six months. Then suddenly a figure flies through the skies and it is knighting( the real one) who quips about having another him. The imposter knighting then turns out to be claycface. During the reveal red hood looks away and copperhead cuts him. Then it is batman, red hood and knighting against claycface, solomon grundy, the electricutioner, firefly and copperhead. They face off and the assassins are defeated but during the fight red hood gets a gun to magically appear and kills grundy.

Batman looks in shock at grundy's headless body and red hood tells him grundy will come back to life soon anyway. After the villains are defeated red hood begins to make his escape. Batman and knighting chase him. The chase lasts for long and it seems every time they get closer, red hood gets further. Unfortunately in the end he escapes from them. Nightwing is annoyed that the chase was pointless and batman says 'have I taught you nothing.' They return to the fight scene and batman then takes samples of red hood's blood that was spilled by copperhead.

Then back in the bat cave he identifies that the blood belongs to jason. He says to knighting 'this ends tonight.' Batman goes under cover as Matches Malone who is a notorious criminal. He then spreads the word that batman wants to meet red hood on the roof of 75th and Synder alone.

Batman and knighting wait there and eventually red hood appears. The fight begins to ensue and batman and knighting beat up red hood. Batman who feels betrayed asks jason 'how could he betray his family' to which jason replies 'your not my family'. To this response batman hits him so hard and cracks red hood's mask. He is shocked to see the joker. The joker is there laughing ' he then says I fooled you all'. Batman asks him how did he get out of arkham without anyone noticing and he says he had some help from his friends and three league of assassins members join them.

Then suddenly another red hood shows up with death stroke and a few members of the league of assassins. Jason looks as shocked as batman to see the joker. The joker then explains how he further orchestrated jason's life to benefit himself. He claims it as the perfect plan as he gains all the benefits and jason gets all the beatings. Joker then remarks how jason is used to it anyway. Jason goes into a fit of rage in which he starts beating on the joker. Batman kicks him off whilst knighting holds him back. Joker is then tied up by batman. Red hood makes a break for it and batman follows, leaving knighting to face death stroke.

Batman and red hood fight passionately against each other. During the fight you can feel red hood's sense of anger in every punch. He continues to makes remarks about how batman didn't avenge him or how he was what gotham needed. The fight is balanced but just as before red hood makes weapons appear and disappear. One time he makes a gun appear and then after a while when he makes it disappear batman hits him. Batman continues to do it until red hood is down on the floor barely bloody and beaten. Batman then stands over him and says ' I figured out your little trick, you can only hold a weapon for 1 minute and then you have a twenty second break before you can make another weapon.' Red hood asks him how did he figure it out. To which batman says ' when we thought the first time I wondered why you had guns with you when you could create weapons out of thin air.'

Meanwhile ra's (who didn't trust joker) is investigating. He manages to track down joker's lair and although their are traps along the way, he manages to uncover the joker's true plan. He sees that joker actually wanted to make jason his child soldier by implanting a micro chip with cutting-edge genetics into his brain. This would send signals to think like the joker, talk like the joker and effectively be the joker. It is also shown that jason is just the first, he plans to spread his joker clones all over gotham. Ra's tells death stroke to kill joker before he can execute his plans.

Death stroke kicks knighting out of the way and knocks him out. He heads towards the joker's direction and takes out his sword and puts it at the joker's neck. The joker shouts 'Wait'. Then he tells death stroke about ra's plan to replace him as the heir, not once but twice, with both batman and jason. This enrages death stroke and he asks ra's who doesn't respond.

Death stroke then tells ra's 'I killed for you, obeyed you in all situations, even when I didn't agree with you i still carried it out. I was forced to take orders from both this clown and that kid (jason) and this is how you repay me? By usurping my position.' Ra's tells him to stop but death stroke isn't listening anymore. He knocks out the few league of assassin members with him.

Death stroke knocks out joker and then goes after batman and red hood. Red hood also gets knocked out by death stroke who takes both red hood and knighting away. Just before he disappears he tells batman to meet him at 4th and Finger on the roof, to decide who survives.

Batman goes to death stroke's location but not before checking on the joker and calling the police. He leaves the joker in one of his secret locations across town.

Batman meets death stroke and sees red hood and knighting dancing over the edge on two separate pieces of rope. Death stroke says to batman you and your family have taken something from me so I think it is only fair I do the same. He asks batman to choose who will survive and who will die. Batman shouts out to them and says you know what to do. They all think back to that night with mr freeze. Jason and knighting swing pushing off one another for more momentum. They gain enough momentum for knighting to actually go upwards above where there hands are tied. Batman throws a batarang and it misses knighting completely. Death stroke remarks that it seems the dark knight is getting old but instead the beatarang swings back and dick grayson catches it in his mouth. He swings back down and throws the batarang up with his mouth where jason cuts the rope. He is about to fall and knighting catches him with his legs. He swings again and red hood flips and sticks the landing onto the roof. Batman heads in death strokes direction ready to attack whilst red hood gets knighting up. However when they did this with mr freeze they were in chains not ropes so they held. This time the nightwing's rope snaps. Red hood catches knighting and you see the brotherly bond is not lost. Red hood pulls him up and the three beat up death stroke. Red hood leaves halfway through and deathstroke attacks knighting knocks him off the roof. This enrages batman who takes one of knighting's batons and stabs death stroke in the eye killing him. Knighting joins batman and looks at him scared and slightly disgusted. Batman thinks to himself maybe this is the best way to deal with criminals.

Nightwing asks batman if they should go after him but batman says 'The Joker has killed many, ruined many lives and he still breathes. Perhaps it won't be a bad thing he dies. I trust Jason to make the right decision but if he doesn't that is blood on his hands and he has to face what he may become, so no we wait. Jason must realise what I did when Joker first killed him.' (Batman says this because alfred hacked jason's mask already so jason heard it all).

Jason figures that Joker would be in one of batman's many hiding places around the city. After a while he finds the joker, captures him and knocks him out. The Joker wakes up to see Jason above him. Jason says 'since coming back I have slight memory loss and can't remember what it was you hit me with.' He then flicks through many different weapons (using his ability to make weapons appear out of thin air) until he gets a crossbar. He then begins to hit the joker repeatedly. The joker turns and for a brief second jason sees himself. He then drops the crowbar to the ground. Joker asks him 'why did he stop'. Jason realises this was Joker's master plan, there was no magical implant. The joker's plan was to let jason kill him, and cause him to become like him. The joker was willing to die to let joker live on through him. Jason tells the joker 'i'll never be you' and leaves, waiting for him is batman and knighting. Batman asks 'did you kill him?' To which Jason replies 'no, but I should have.' Batman invites him home but Jason refuses saying he has some stuff to sort out before he can come home and then he leaves.


Alfred and knighting are there staging an intervention for bruce to stop him from killing criminals. Bruce doesn't listen and then the bat computer goes off. It is alerting him to a residents house where some goons of penguin's are attacking. As bruce leaves alfred shouts out 'it is not what your parents would have wanted.'

He crashes through the window to see the mystery figure from the start, who is revealed to be tim drake. (This bit continues from the start). Batman asks him why did he want to know all this. Tim replies 'just wanted to make sure'. Batman says i've seen you around watching me and my family, I told you the story as a cautionary tale, then asks what he wants'. To which tim says should I call you batman or bruce.' (At this point tim presses a button which hacks into the comms of all of batman's allies). Tim then starts to go on to say how batman is a symbol of hope, but he can't do this when he acts no better than the very criminals he fights against. He inspires people out their to be better versions of themselves but he cannot do this whilst killing. He says superman knew this and although he caused that much destruction deep down he wanted to do good. Tim says how batman had helped his allies in their darkest times to look forward and be better versions of themselves. He then says you are what the city needs but what you need are those around to ground you. As gotham needs batman, batman needs robin.

This inspires batman to not kill anymore and he asks him about the penguin threat to which tim replies ' yh i stole some money from penguin to get your attention but it is all being wired back as we speak, but just in case I put my parents into protective custody. They realise that I can do more good as robin than as tim drake. I can always visit them if needed as well.'

Batman then says ' you are smart, but risky that is good, with training you can become even better'. He takes him to bat cave and says he wants him to meet some people. Batman says to knighting and alfred 'I want you to meet robin.' To which tim says actually it is red robin.


The bat computer flashes and says 'there is a break in at gotham bank.' We then see batman, knighting and red robin all there ready to take down the criminals.


A post credit scene is the joker in his cell at arkham asylum and is talking to a mystery person. The mystery person says 'I think you will be perfect for our plans'. The joker is cackling in his cell. At that moment a guard walks past and we looks into joker's cell. At the same time joker is cackling the guard sees him sitting normally on his bunk, alone reading.

Points of Clarification

  • Although I have not really mentioned alfred at all he will be consistently talking to batman and knighting.
  • The point where joker is told to stick to the story implies it is a flashback
  • Like in the comics the joker had given Jason's mum a drug which acted like an overdose but was not.
  • I tried to make the whole batman taking Jason home as least creepy as possible.
  • The newspaper articles would be stacked above on top of one another. Each showing different articles for a brief period.
  • Death stroke doesn't take orders well but relays everything that ra's says.
  • Batman is softer on Jason as he doesn't want to push him away as well.
  • Joker is only red hood at the big reveal and when he confronts the mobsters.
  • He gets in and out of arkham as the league infiltrated it.
  • The times when they leave the villain alone it is for the police to take into custody.
  • If not clear, joker was also giving his recount of the events.

If you liked this article, comment and tell WB to sign me on. I really enjoyed doing this article over time as it was just fun to find out more about the bat family and their villains. I plan to do a justice league one next as this is my series, my dceu and therefore my order.


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