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History can be pretty dry. Yes, we should obviously learn about how and why figures like Albert Einstein and Charles Darwin were significant, but the business of doing so is positively yawn-inducing.

Luckily, we've got illustrator Diego Sanches's vision of our favorite scientists from the annals of history to keep things light and punchy -- literally. It's called Science Kombat, where knowledge is the only fatality you've got to worry about.

Science Kombat won't get any points for accuracy, but it makes up for what it lacks in realism by serving up some truly off-the-chain 2D sprites and moves for the world's most powerful minds.

In development for Superinteressante Magazine, a Brazilian publication that explores science and culture, this "newsgame" seeks to marry the "powers" of each character with his or her discoveries and inventions, as Sanches's official portfolio page explains.

Take Stephen Hawking and his uncanny ability to teleport via wormhole, Marie Curie's radium-slinging powers, and Charles Darwin's gift of evolution and you've got all the ingredients you need for one hell of a battle royale.

Sanches and the team at Superinteressante Magazine have created some mindblowingly awesome sprites that show off the 8 playable scientists and final boss character with their six basic and two special attacks.

The official roster includes Charles Darwin, Albert Einstein, Stephen Hawking, Marie Curie, Isaac Newton, Pythagoras, Nikola Tesla, and a shadowy "final boss" character that has yet to be divulged. We can bet he or she probably isn't affiliated with Street Fighter's Shadaloo Organization. No, it's "The Divinity," a deity who looks like it packs quite a wallop.

The game is still very much a work in progress, and there's no concrete date just yet as to when we might be able to get our hands on it, but it certainly looks like a quality release worth picking up, all in the name of science, of course. It's clear an abundance of work went into workshopping these scientists into viable fighters, as you can see demonstrated with their sprites below.

Take a look at the fighters' various moves and get hyped for science in the coming months.

Charles Darwin

Basic Moves

"Natural Selection"


Albert Einstein

Basic Moves



Stephen Hawking

Basic Moves


"Black Hole"

Marie Curie



Isaac Newton





"Pythagorean Thorem"

Nikola Tesla


"Teleforce Death Ray"

"Tesla Coil"

The Divinity






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