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SpiderDad was created by me, Mike Wilson. My son Jayden was sadly lost his battle to a brain tumor at Christmas, and i've been fundraising i
Official SpiderDad

Spider-Man Effects Series On Youtube

Mike Wilson aka SpiderDad has set up a YouTube channel where all his tips and tricks will be revealed. Ok maybe not all the trick but some guides on editing, Photoshop and general cool Spidey videos.

The first video has now gone up called 'Spider-Man Series Ep 1 | Spidey Takes on Marvel Police & Electro'. The idea behind this is to get the viewers to direct where the series goes. Because this is the perfect way to test and learn new ideas for visual effects. A way of testing my skills. YouTube is a powerful tool.

With the hype of Spider-Man in CAPTAIN AMERICA CIVIL WAR And also the Reboot. I wanted to create something to help add to the hype. Something fun and hopefully entertaining.

First video embedded right here on Movie Plot. Subscribe to the channel here - SpiderManEffects


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