ByJames Kinsella, writer at

Here I am, sitting on the couch one morning, trying to figure out what to watch. I see Me,Earl, and the dying girl is available to watch. I don't think much of it but at the same time I need to watch it. I had wanted to when it came out but it slipped away from me.

Now here I am enraptured in a movie about a young man and his friend interacting with a dying girl. This girl has been diagnosed with Leukemia but she shines throughout the movie. She knows she doesn't necessarily have all the time in the world and she hates it.

Not the fact that she has limited time, though that of course bothers her, but the fact that she is pitied by so many. She hates that she gets so many flowers and balloons from people who never paid her any mind.

Our hero forced into hanging with her because of his mom, is one of them but they develop an amazing friendship.

This movie shows us that one act can change the world of anyone. It reminds me of my friend from elementary who died, I will always remember him as he was, not as what he became. I will always be sad that he died but his happy self will also stay with me.

All in all this movie is superb and you should see it if you can. I did begin to cry at some points but that might just be me. It is a black comedy, and it is rather sad but I don't really see a lot of people crying watching movies so what do I know. All I know is that this movie is amazing and has a lot of laughs breaking up the sadness.


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