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We have seen Static (a.k.a Virgil Hawkins) in comic books and many animated adaptions — similarly, he's met many interesting villains and experienced crossovers with DC superheroes. However, what we don't know about him might be the most interesting.

Increasingly, curiosity in the character is growing, meaning it won't be long before we see him brightening up the mainstream comic scene. Before that happens though, take a look at five essential and unexpected facts about Static.

1. Static Got His Powers Because Of A Friend

Virgil originally got his powers at the "Big Bang," a large brawl between rival gangs. One of Virgil's friends, Larry Wade, asked him to meet at Paris Island and when he arrived, Larry gave him a gun and told him that his High School bully was there and this was his chance to get revenge. Consequently, Virgil tossed his gun into the water and refused to go down that path and this was the first time that we saw the hero within.

While the conversation between Larry and Virgil was happening, the gang war erupted to the point where the local police got involved and used deadly, experimental tear gas. There was approximately 500 gang members there and only 10% of them survived the gas exposure.

2. Static Didn't Get His Start In DC Comics

First appearing in 1993, Static actually started at Milestone Comics. And although these were distributed by DC Comics, its editorial control did not fall under them. Additionally, Milestone retained its copyright over its properties so Static was actually released with Hardware, Icon and Blood Syndicate!

In fact, it wasn't until 2008 that DC Comics decided to merge the Milestone Universe fully into their universe.

3. Static Has Teamed Up With Various Superheroes

Back in 2000, Static even had his own animated TV series. During the show, we saw him team up with various individuals including Batman and Robin (from Batman: The Animated Series) and Batman Beyond/the Justice League (from Justice League Unlimited).

Probably more surprising was the collision between Static and Lil Romeo. Yeah, that Lil Romeo. Apparently, Lil Bow Wow actually helped Static take down a villain!

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4. Static Knows Batman Is Bruce Wayne

In the crossover with Batman, Static figured out who the elusive superhero was. In turn, as you can see from the video above, Batman also figured out Static's identity by looking at his school ID card.

The ultimate question remains though, did Batman show Static who he was or did Static figure it out? While I think Batman let him figure it out, what do you think?

5. Did Static Really Save Kid Flash?

Teen Titans #6
Teen Titans #6

While recuperating from a previous battle at S.T.A.R. Labs, the Teen Titans approach Virgil for assistance in curing Kid Flash.

Virgil discovered that Kid Flash's cells are rapidly deteriorating as a result of an alteration to his speed. Following on from this, Static designs a new costume for Kid Flash that utilizes a material that re-aligns his cells and stabilizes his powers, ultimately saving his life.

Teen Titans #6
Teen Titans #6

In Conclusion...

Virgil was just an average teenager who was brought to the wrong place at the wrong time by his friend — this in turn gave him powers that changed the course of his life.

I loved exploring his history as there were quite a few interesting facts and theories put out by DC Comics and fans. However, which fact surprised you the most?


Which fact definitely surprised you the most?


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