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Having had two TV shows (1991, 2014), Barry Allen is commonly referenced as the Flash. Most major incarnations and storylines have involved him. For that reason, he has some pretty interesting secrets. In this article, we are going to explore some unexpected facts about Barry Allen that you may not have known!

1. The Thawnes are Barry's bloodline?

You betcha! At birth, Barry Allen had a twin brother. They were born to Henry and Nora Allen in Fallville, Iowa. Barry's twin brother had been pronounced stillborn by Dr. Gilmore. As the twin brother wasn't stillborn, he was given to another family, the Thawnes, whose child had died during birth. This young man became Malcolm Thawne.

His adoptive family were a bunch of con artists. As a result, Malcolm learned how to con people using a blue flame, which his adopted family had learned much about. Eventually, Malcolm decided to confront Barry. When he found out Barry worked for the police, Malcolm got a job as a janitor and silently observed Barry. He even watched Barry get his super speed!

After a while, he went to his adoptive grandmother to learn more about the blue flame. As a result, he learned that it can be used to steal anything that your heart desires. Malcolm set his sights on Barry's super speed and Cobalt Blue was born!

2. Barry can do Hamlet!

In Flash #197 (1970), Barry takes the stage at the Community Theater. When the cast comes down with the flu, he winds up playing all the parts thanks to his ability to be in two places at one time! Did the writers run out of ideas that year?

3. Psychics can't read his mind!

As you know, Barry has to think extremely fast to prevent running into solid objects or hurting civilians. So for a moment, let's call this "super thinking." Due to his "super thinking," telepaths can't read his mind! Well... they can, they just can't keep up!

4. He started the Silver Age of Comics!

As you know, we now have the New 52. A key reason behind this is because DC kept relaunching their universe in an effort to keep their characters "fresh." This was actually started with Barry Allen in 1956!

The Flash (Barry Allen) received a new look and more of a lead role. A number of other characters (Green Lantern, Batman, Superman) also got a makeover. This relaunch ushered in the Silver Age!

5. He's worn the Green Lantern ring!

In the New 52 reboot, The Flash and Green Lantern were transported to an alien gladiatorial arena. During this adventure, there came a time where Barry Allen had to sport Hal's Green Lantern ring! Although it was short-lived, Barry wore a ring once before in the 'Blackest Night' event. For those that don't know, he was a Deputy in the Blue Lantern Corps!

In Conclusion...

A lot to take in here! Since Barry's twin was in the Thawne family, does this mean Eddie may have been his brother? Or maybe Eobard was Barry's great great great great grandson? (Was that too many greats?)

Who knows where this could take The Flash! It would sure be interesting to see it play out though!

Which one surprised you the most? Take the poll below! If you know any other cool Barry Allen (The Flash) facts, feel free to share in the comments section below!

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