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It is so good to be back in Storybrooke! In the first episode back from hiatus Once Upon A Time didn't disappoint! It was exciting and kept us all on edge! Here is the review of the latest episode! Just a forewarning, there are spoilers all over this article.

To all of you that were hoping to see more of Neal I, regret to inform you that you won't. While I for one would love to have seen him throughout the rest of the season, I think they brought him back in the perfect way. He comes back to warn Emma and implores her to go back. Of course, Emma said that she can't and that she has to find Hook and admits she was hoping to see him. Thankfully Neal was able to move on to a better place and was not stuck in limbo. After telling each other that they would always love each other Emma woke up and her last moment with him ended.

In a flashback we see Regina back when she was at the peak of evil. It was her birthday and as always she wanted to kill Snow. Thanks to some meddling by her mother, she almost did it. Her father, Henry, asked her mother Cora for help which lead to her escaping Wonderland. Once back in the Enchanted Forest, she takes Snow White's heart. Luckily for Snow, Regina's father switched the hearts with one of the guards. In return, he was shrunk by Regina, put in a box, and kidnapped by Cora!

When looking for a special liquid to help with their quest, Rumple runs into his father. It was not a pleasant family reunion, to say the least! Peter Pan told Rumple that he needed his help to get back to the world of the living. All he needed was a soul of one of those who had come with him. Obviously, Rumpelstiltskin said no to his dear, old father and Pan gave him the ale to communicate with the dead.

After pouring the ale that Rumple retrieved over Hook's grave, they were able to see him but he couldn't talk to them. Despite this they were able to tell that where ever he was wasn't a good place. It showed them that Hook was in a precarious situation and they need to find him soon.

After having seen her mother already, Regina knew she needed to speak with her father. She told him of the threat Cora made to send him to some place worse if she didn't leave the Under World. Her father insisted that she had to stay, to be a hero, and to be who she really was. This conversation lead to her decision to stay and to stick to the plan. When her mother finds out she tries to send him to a worse place. This didn't work and he ended up in a better place, like Neal.

After failing to rid the Under World of Regina, the true ruler of the Under World had to punish Cora. Hades turned her into what she first was, a miller's daughter. We can only guess as to why he wanted Regina out of his domain.

As always ABC did a fantastic job! With so many emotional ups and downs it will be hard to top! I can't wait for the next episode!

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