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We have all thought about it, "What if I became a filmmaker?" but only some follow through. I mean who wouldn't want to look at a movie like Batman v Superman or Captain America: Civil War and be like "I made that!" and thanks to YouTube it is so much easier to make videos and get your work seen. But no matter how famous of a youtuber you are, making real movie is a hard task. Making a good and successful movie is even harder. Many 'tubers have tried, many have failed. In fact, I can only find ONE that hasn't lost money. So why do most of these films not do well in the box office? Let's examine some and find out, (and no we won't be talking about the FRED trilogy.)

Expelled - AwesomenessTV

What is it?

This is the best rated film out of the three failure examples I have. But that doesn't really mean much. Alex Goyette directed, produced, and wrote this movie. Don't recognize the name? Well he is better known as JouleTheif on youtube, and works with AwesomenessTV, the production company of this movie. Starting the careers of a whole bunch of internet stars such as Cameron Dallas and Lia Marie Johnson, I guess you could say they have a "Start studded" cast. like As previously stated, this is the best rated movie out of the three failed examples I found. With a 5.0/10 on IMDB, a 3.3/5 on Rotten Tomatoes, and 5.6/10 on Metacritic, this movie was okay. Oddly enough, for as "good" as it did, I'm surprised they didn't release the budget and box office stats. Now, lets look at what some of the people who watched it said.

"Stretched over an 85-minute feature ... Mr. Dallas's brand of easy goofing just feels like coasting." - New York Times - Nicolas Rapold

"The tech-gadget-heavy plotting is so preposterously weak that it’s hard to look past the cheap laughs or half-baked direction." - New York Times - Nicolas Rapold

"When watching the first 10 minutes of Expelled, you start to notice that the main character talks in first and third person, and that is one of the many reasons why Expelled just doesn't WORK. The characters are not well-developed, and the acting is not even average. Cameron Dallas doesn't show any range here, he just mostly acts like your stereotypical cocky kid at your average school. " - Jubilarian (Metacritic)

"Expelled isn't going to change the world, but it's a fun and promising debut film." Village Voice - Sherilyn Connelly

So, given what we have read, here are some things they did right:

  • Fun and promising

So given what we have read, here are some things they did wrong:

  • Doesn't work
  • weak
  • Stretched
  • Cheap laughs

I have to admit, there were so few reviews of this movie. It was not easy to find. But that doesn't really matter because from what we could find we learned a lot. People were not fans. Given they didn't release the budget and box office information, it most likely did not make money. There is a term for that, it's called "a flop."

Not Cool - Shane Dawson

What is it?

Not Cool, is a comedy film directed, produced, and stars Shane Dawson. Shane has been doing youtube videos for a long time, and has made a lot of short films. Some of his recent shorts are stories from his book I Hate My Selfie. This movie had a budget of $800,000 and only got $36,000 at the box office! With a 5.2/10 on IMDB, a 3.9/5 on rotten tomatoes, and 3.6/10 on Metacritics, we can assume a lot of people did like this movie. But why? Well lets look at some reviews and see.

"It's shock value (drugs, sex, bodily fluids, and a lot of yelling) over any semblance of cleverness." - Sherrie Li (Rotten Tomatoes)

"One of the biggest problems I had with the film is Shane Dawson himself starring in it. The direction was decent but his cartoony overacting made me forget that I was actually watching a full production backed by hundreds of people." " I also don't appreciate the blatant product placement halfway through the movie, that for a moment seemed like a complete 2 minute commercial for the Dance Central game." - Chris Hernandez (Rotten Tomatoes)

"Not Cool is the Internet culture of artlessness, excess, empty popularity, whining and sex-fueled hatred writ large." - Robert Abele - Los Angeles Times (Metacritic)

"This film is utterly cringe-worthy with a lack of genuine humor, poor acting performances and overall a disappointing story. Whilst it had potential, this film does not live up to the expectations and is utterly painful to watch" - Run (Metacritic)

So, given what we have read, here are some things they did right:

  • The direction of the film was going in the right place

So given what we have read, here are some things they did wrong:

  • People didn't like the comedy
  • Clique
  • "Cringe-worthy"
  • Bad product placement.

Obviously, some people liked it, some people didn't. But given it's massive flop, we are focusing on the majority, and majority rules, that it wasn't good. Crude, unoriginal, a really annoying product placement, over done. One thing that has happened with all three of these failed movies is bad marketing. They just didn't get the word out enough, but given what we have heard about all of these, that seems like a good thing.

Smiley - TotallySketch

What is it?

Smiley, a horror movie written, directed, and produced by TotallySketch's front man Michael Gallagher (also starring Shane Dawson.) No information about the budget and box office has been released, and probably for good reason. This is the lowest rated film movie out of this bunch. With a 3.5/10 on IMDB, 2.4/5 on Rotten Tomatoes, and 3/10 on metacritic, this film must have a lot wrong with it, right? Well, yeah. Lets see what people have to say.

"This film will not do for the Internet what Psycho did for showers-no more computers have to be smashed because of it." - Scott Tobias (Rotten Tomatoes)

"While it's easy to appreciate Gallagher tackling the fruitful subject of Internet urban's a scratch on the surface. Maybe he's just looking to get the ball rolling, but Smiley is likely to be buried in the bargain bin." - Mark Zhuravsky (Rotten Tomatoes)

"Smiley, is unfortunately less scary than, say, the prospect of your significant other accidentally discovering your search engine history."- Frank Scheck (Metacritic)

"You can basically guess the twist at the end half way into the movie. But the twist doesn't even work with a few plot holes they left in. And the whole ultimate plan had so many things left to chance that it shouldn't of even worked in the first place. The movie is just aggravating. Also the whole movie is trying to be edgy and using the internet sub culture and being pretentious as hell. This movie is just bad. The one plus to Smiley is that Caitlin Gerard is cute." - Zombiechan (Metacritic)

So, given what we have read, here are some things they did right:

  • Interesting plot that has potential
  • Cute cast (according to Zombiechan)

So given what we have read, here are some things they did wrong:

  • Not deep enough into the lore
  • Not scary
  • Predicable
  • Plot holes

So from what we have read about all of these movies, we have learned a lot. One- people are very picky about their movies, and two- these movies are not that good. Plot holes, bad comedy, cringe-worthy and clique. It's sad really. This is what someones dream was, and people just tear it apart. But, this is why we don't rush things. Almost all youtube movies are like this sadly. In fact there is only one youtube movie that I found that actually mad a profit.

Lazer Team - RoosterTeeth

What is it?

If you have been paying attention, whenever I refereed movies I picked I always said "the three failed examples..." so that's what made this movie different from all of the rest. It didn't fail. With a 6/10 on IMDB, a 4/5 Rotten Tomatoes, and 6.9/10 this movie is the highest rated on this whole article. It had a budget of 2.4 million and mad around 3.6 million at the box office. That is a 1.2 million dollar profit, which is better than any other movie I talked about because non of them a profit! What made this movie different from the others? I wasn't written, produced, and directed by the same person. It had one director, multiple writers, and multiple producers! It's called spreading the load. If you lay a balloon on one nail, it will pop. If you lay it on a bed of nails, the pressure will be evenly distributed and be fine. This movie was made with a bed of nails. But don't take my word for it, lets see what the critics said.

"Lazer Team may not be a necessarily fresh story, but an energetic cast and some unique sci-fi ideas make it a fun little movie to check out for fans of the genre." - Entertainment Weekly - Dylan Kickham

"Though it might not be gut-bustingly hysterical (or even particularly memorable), Lazer Team is still momentarily enjoyable." - Jeffrey M. Anderson (Rotten Tomatoes)

"Because it's made by people who understand the importance of a clever script and want their audience to have fun, Lazer Team may just prove to be 2016's most entertaining superhero movie." - Village Voice - Sherilyn Connelly

"I really enjoyed it. If you like Rooster Teeth you should like this. It kept me entertained and focused throughout the entire movie and actually made me laugh out loud a few times which I almost never do." - drizztgeass (Metacritic)

So, given what we have read, here are some things they did right:

  • Fun
  • Enjoyable
  • Clever
  • Funny

So given what we have read, here are some things they did wrong:

  • Not a fresh story
  • not very memorable.

So obviously this movie did better. I mean, there is no way to tell if a movie will be good or bad before it comes out. But if history is correct, if a youtuber is making a full length movie, do not get your hopes to high.

What do you think? Do you like youtube movies? Let us know in the comments below!


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