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Browsing the internet never brings me anything good. Take today, for instance, when I decided to check up on the Facebook page for the "Metal Gear Solid" fan remake "Shadow Moses." Where I expected a progress update, I was met with news that, as of March 4, the project had been cancelled.

Details as to why are scarce, though the page cite reasons "beyond [their] control." For a project that seemed to be moving ahead pretty steadily, reasons beyond one's control typically means one of two things: Internal conflict or a nice, shiney "cease and desist" notice.

Being one of Konami's more predominant money-makers, it's not unreasonable to assume the production company noticed the fan reaction to the January 2016 trailer and, in the interest of protecting their property, took action.

Going on this assumption and running with it completely poses the question of whether or not there was further motive in shutting down the project beyond copyright claims. Could Konami be pulling a Capcom and returning to Shadow Moses for yet another graphically improved look at the infamous island? "Guns of the Patriots" proved that nostalgia for the infamous island was still there, so is this what Konami meant with their "plans to also continue releasing titles in the Metal Gear series"? It would be a little silly considering the 2004 release of "Twin Snakes," but that was on the GameCube and, therefor, doesn't count anymore. Right?

With the future of "Metal Gear Solid" uncertain, save for a likely follow-up to Silicon Knight's "Revengeance," and Kojima's fingerprints officially wiped away from the series, "Shadow Moses" may not have been entirely necessary, but it would have been a great way to let the name continue on without further complicating the universe. Which is exactly what new entries in the series will wind up doing.

Be sure to check out what could have been in the "Shadow Moses" reveal trailer below!


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