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**WARNING: 'The Walking Dead' spoilers from Not Tomorrow Yet lie ahead**

Rick, Rick, Rick. You may be the Jack Bauer of the zompocalypse, but man, will you ever learn?

In Sunday's episode, Rick launched a 98% successful assault on the Saviors outpost compound thingy. It would have been 100%, except for 1% Maggie and 1% Carol, and their getting ladynapped.

Looking back at past episodes, it was really a pretty darn good job. I mean, Rick has launched attacks before, but never quite with the effect of killing everyone except one lone Darylcycle rider.

At the prison, sure, he wound up alive, but lost Hershel in the process...

and thought he lost Judith.

The Governor died, but it was by Michonne's sword and Lilly's gun, in the end.

At Terminus, Rick is all “They don't know who they're screwin with.” But dude, you ended up here:

While Carol was all like

And she made Terminus go all

While you were about to get your head bashed in! In the end, yes, you won again, and with minimal casualties.

The one time you went all in was when Joe and the Claimers had you and your group in a bit of a bind. You went Stefan Salvatore on Joe, and showed what really happens when you f# with Rick Grimes.

But at the start of this mess, you turn your back on a car full of criminals, and end up like so:

So what lesson did we learn this weekend?

Rick, you have GOT to stop underestimating your enemies! Especially since this might happen in the next few weeks:

Bonus lesson:

Father Gabriel is not only still bat-shit crazy, but he's all about Team Rick, he's funny as hell, and he probably scared the crap out of this guy in his final moments:


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