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Today i'm going to be counting down my top 10 things to have happened on the flash since it began in 2014.

so lets kick it off

10. Henry Allen finally gets out of jail in season 2

After falsely being accused of killing his wife (Barry's mum) people were waiting and waiting for the moment he would get out of the slammer and return back home to his son Barry. Unfortunately he left and we only saw him in one other episode. who knows what his been doing since then.

9. Jay garrick is introduced into the show. although he doesn't appear every episode he still played such a major part until his death by the hands of zoom.

8. Barry finally breaks the sound barrier ( season 1 )

This was such a great moment in the show where he had to save iris by breaking the sound barrier and doing a super sonic punch for the first time. This is only one of his many breakthroughs to come.

7. Deaths of Eddie and Ronnie ( Season 1 )

These deaths made many upset but if not for there sacrifice the people of flash would not be here today. Thanks to them our favorite speedster is alive ( in the show )

6. Reverse flash makes his first appearance against Barry (season 1)

Barry waited all his life to find the man who killed his mother and that day had finally come. This lead to a hate between the pair that would last for centuries. His basically everything Barry is not.

5. Zoom makes his first appearance in the big bad of season 2

His blue lightning and his terrifying face makes him my favorite villain on the show. He wants one thing and that's to be the fastest man alive and he will make that goal at any cost. It will be very interesting to see when or if Barry beats him.

4. Barry catches the reverse flash (season 1)

He waited for this all his life and it finally came. The moment that he finally avenged his mom and get his father out of jail. It all came to an end when Eddie ( his great great grandfather) shot himself vanishing the reverse flash from the timeline.

3. The multiverse is revealed in earth 2

That's right. we see glimpse of a certain hero as well but that's another topic for another time. All i'm gonna say for this without spoiling it is that its a great 2 part episode when the head to earth 2 and I think its a great way to introduce more characters. watch it cause its amazing to see the arrow-verse from another perspective.

2. Time travel finally happens ( season 1 )

OK I know this is happened 3 times already but i want to talk about the time where he goes back 15 whole years but only to see his mother die again. It was a great way to do the finale hopefully season 2 does just as great.

1. ZOOM Revealed

This was a great way to start a break and keep people like WTF. It was such a big reveal that every one waited and waited for. I think this defiantly deserves number one as its probably the biggest reveal on the flash to this date.

what will happen now??? many questions will be answered when the flash returns in a few weeks.....

I know there was many more reveals and plot twists but these are only ten of them.


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