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The Merc with a Mouth seems to be popping up literally everywhere you look these days, so obviously it's fitting that he'd bag a few cameos in the MCU too, right?

Well, probably not, but Dorkly has whipped up a few faux scenes from Marvel favorites such as Iron Man and Avengers and plonked Deadpool right in the middle, just for kicks — and the results are kind of cool.

Check them out:

1. 'Captain America'

2. 'Iron Man 2'

3. 'Avengers'

Head over to Dorkly for more fictional Deadpool sightings in the MCU. But before you leave, followers of Moviepilot's Facebook page will know that he's been fooling around in more than just Marvel comics lately.

He's been touching up Rose a.k.a. Kate Winslet in 'Titanic'.

Deadpool On The Titanic Ends Exactly How You'd Expect

Every night in Wade's dreams. #MPOriginal

Posted by on Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Smashing zombies in the face in 'The Walking Dead.'

The Walking Deadpool!

What the sh-t Rick?! #MPOriginal

Posted by on Saturday, 20 February 2016

Actually, he's been in pretty much everything.

Proof That Deadpool Should Be In Everything

You have so many looks Wade. #MPOriginal

Posted by on Friday, 19 February 2016

Which movies do you think Deadpool should cameo in?

Source: Dorkly


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