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(Warning: If you're yet to see the most recent episode of "Gotham," titled "A Dead Man Feels No Cold," then major SPOILERS lie below. Proceed with whatever level of caution that suggests to you is wise...)

Now, if there's one thing that a lifetime of comic book reading has taught me, it's that no-one ever really stays dead, unless they're Spider-Man's Uncle Ben (and even then, there's always those pesky alternate realities). Heck, even when the death is a major, mainstream, news-worthy event — why, hello there, Death Of Superman — the deceased in question tends to return to life within a year or two at the most.

Or, in other words?

(And this is where those aforementioned SPOILERS come in)

We Probably Shouldn't Be Too Surprised That 'Gotham' Just Brought A Whole Bunch Of Characters Back To Life

Specifically, the show just revealed that several characters we thought were very, very, very dead are, in actual fact, only mostly dead. Or, rather, are being kept in some kind of sinister stasis by B. D. Wong's Hugo Strange:

Yup, that's right — that's Theo Galavan, Jerome Valeska, Fish Mooney and an as yet unidentified one-armed man, all looking distinctly less dead than you might have gathered from their last appearances.

And as it turns out, the implications of that reveal — as well as Strange's comment that "Death is not an ending, death is a new beginning" — might just be huge.

It Seems Three Of The Show's Biggest Villains Are Coming Back Sometime Soon

Now, of course, the potential return of Fish Mooney has already been widely teased — and with Theo Galavan having turned up in some spoiler-ific spy pictures, his potential reemergence isn't all that much of a surprise, either.

The potential reappearance of Jerome, though? That might just give him a legitimate shot at becoming the show's actual, factual Joker. After all, nothing seems as likely to double down on criminal insanity quite like dying and then being forcibly reborn.

The final piece of intrigue hiding in that there image, however, might just be the one with the greatest consequences for a certain young Mr. Wayne. There's a pretty solid chance that the one-armed man is the Galavans' ancestor Caleb Dumas, whose arm was lopped off by none other than — the Wayne family. Could Caleb somehow have survived 'til the present day, and if so, what deeply traumatic (and presumably bat-themed) things is he going to try to do to young Bruce, the last of the Waynes?

Anybody else smell a final episode cliffhanger fast approaching?

What do you think, though?


Who are you most excited to see come back to life?



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