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Last week we got the great news that '90s kids game show Legends of the Hidden Temple was making its way back as a live-action movie.

Despite the original show being a game show, the live-action movie promises to mirror the theme of the original show, following three siblings who have to conquer many obstacles to remain alive. Elements of the show which will return include a giant stone head Olmec, the Steps of Knowledge and the entrance to the temple. There will also be cameo appearances from a green monkey, red jaguar and silver snakes. The film is due for released at the end of 2016 and will star Nickelodeon star Isabela Moner.

Aside from these details, there's not that much out there about what else, or who else, the film will contain. So, with that said, take a look at the 5 most frustrating elements of the original game show that I believe have definitely got to be included in the TV movie:

1. The Difficulty Of The Shrine Of The Silver Monkey

It was three simple pieces: feet, belly and the head but yet I can recall just a handful of contestants who managed to solve this puzzle.

According to host Kirk Fogg it was so difficult because the kids were trying to solve it with the monkey facing away from them, but really.... come ON.

2. The Scariness Of The Temple Guards

There was a lot of pressure on those kids trying to get through that temple (particularly if they hadn't managed to earn many Pendants of Life), firstly because you didn't want to look like a fool on TV, secondly because you didn't want to let your teammate down and thirdly because holy shit those temple guards were scary.

Any movie based on Legends of the Hidden temple needs to bring back these scary guys!

3. That Kid Who Always Rang Their Bell Before They Could Possibly Know The Question In The Steps Of Knowledge

Watching the Steps of Knowledge as a kid I, like everyone else, tried to answer the questions as quickly as possibly. However there was always that one kid on the show who pushed their buzzer way, way too soon and screwed things up for their teammate. While it might be a little hard to get this exactly annoying factor into the movie, I'll settle for the writers adding a know-it-all-type character at a push.

4. As Many Annoying Hidden Doors Possible

The temple run was difficult enough, those poor kids did not need hidden doors everywhere to try and figure out as well. No Legends movie would be complete without the characters failing to find a hidden door on their adventure.

5. A Treasure Not Quite Worth Fighting For

Finally, no movie version of Legends of the Hidden temple would be quite as good if the end prize/treasure wasn't slightly disappointing. There were quite a few prizes on offer over the course of Legends of the Hidden Temple, but one of the more frequent was a trip to Universal Studios. This trip sounds awesome, and would have been awesome, except for the fact that the kids were already at Universal Studios, filming the show on their lot.

Bonus: A Starring Role For Kirk Fogg

Source: Facebook/Legends of the Hidden Temple
Source: Facebook/Legends of the Hidden Temple

He wasn't an annoying part of the game, he basically was the game! No one else can rock the double denim like Kirk Fogg, plus he had such great rapport with Olmec – bring him back!

Legends of the Hidden Temple will premiere on Nickelodeon on November 26, 2016.

Will you watch a 'Legends of the Hidden Temple' movie?

Source: Variety, Facebook, College Humor


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