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So we officially know that Fuller House is returning for a second season, but what does that season have in store for us? No doubt a ton of adorable moments, many hilarious misunderstandings and a few more subtle Olsen disses – but what about some more awesome call backs to the original series?

Check out 4 storylines from Full House that we'd love to see once again in the second season of Fuller House:

1. Greek Week

In 'Greek Week' we were introduced to the Greek side of the family when Gina and Iorgos "Papouli" Katsopolis visited the Tanners all the way from Greece, along with little Melina, young Sylvio and the beautiful Elena. The episode would be amazing to recreate in Fuller House due to the unforgettable storylines such as DJ Tanner marrying Sylvio after walking around a table, and Michelle meeting her Greek look-a-like, Melina. The Fuller House version could even include the original Sylvio, much like how Season 1 brought back Stephanie's boyfriend, Harry Takayama.

2. Making Out Is Hard To Do

In 'Making Out is Hard to Do' Danny is struck down by laryngitis, and Stephanie is invited to Gia's make-out party. Of course the jig is up when a panicked Stephanie rings home looking for DJ but mistakes a squeaky Danny for her sister, uh oh!

This adorable storyline would totally work between Ramona and Jackson who are just about at the perfect age for sneaking out without DJ or Kimmy's permission.

3. Beach Boy Bingo

Everyone knows this classic episode! After the Beach Boys cancel an appearance on Danny's talkshow, DJ manages to win a ticket to see them on stage! After a stressful decision about who to give the ticket to, the Beach Boys ultimately end up inviting the whole family to the concert and on stage. Lucky.

Ok, so maybe Fuller House would have to change up the band – considering how much the gals of the house seem to love Spice Girls, perhaps a competition to win faux-Spice Girls reunion tour tickets could be worked into the show?!

4. Baby Love

Baby Tommy stole our hearts in Fuller House Season 1, and in Season 2 I have no doubt he'll only continue to do so – perhaps in the same way that Michelle did in 'Baby Love'? In the episode, Michelle forms a quick bond with Becky's nephew Howie, only to be left devastated when Howie returns home and breaking our hearts when she asks "where's Howie?" Fortunately after seeing a video message from Howie, Michelle's heart is somewhat healed and order is restored. Could we see a similar storyline for young Tommy in Season 2?

What do you want to see in Season 2 of 'Fuller House'?


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