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Since the highly anticipated Star Wars: The Force Awakens hit the big screens late last year, there has been no end to chat about the intergalactic franchise, nor the mind-blowing fan creations that it has triggered. If you need a reminding of the feat that was the latest Star Wars installment, here's the trailer once again:

A couple months on and there seems to be no end to the frenzy so why not take this chance to feast your eyes on some more of the most original fan art to grace the Interweb in recent weeks.

Digital artist Leigh O'Brien is a total pro when it comes to creating exquisite images and he has put his talents to good use in creating some unique graffiti-style Star Wars art. Take a look – there's nothing else quite like it out there!

Pretty impressive, huh?

For more of the artist's work, head on over to

Which image was your favorite?


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