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The Walking Dead has never been better than this, it's introduced Jesus Monroe (Oops, Rovia, and that's a stupid name) The hilltop, Gregory and later on...Negan!

And one of the most important characters was introduced in the first half of the season and you ask 'who's that?' well, the answer is....Dwight!

As you all know, Dwight has been missing for this latest bunch of episodes, and what happened to him after taking Daryl's crossbow? Well, it ain't nice to describe.

Basically, he is going full comic book mode. With the scars, the burn and the emotional scarring from the one and only...Negan!

Now, we don't know exactly when he will pop up again, but presuming what happened in the latest episode, maybe the next one.

Now, Walking Dead is returning next sunday. Meanwhile, here's a promo of the next episode 'The Same Boat':


What Do You Think Will Happen Next Episode?


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