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According to a study, it is believed that Netflix is responsible for the massive drop in TV viewing time of the Americans.

Netflix Inc. has proved to be a tough battle for TV networks. Ever since its inception, the traditional TV businesses are struggling to keep up with the current market leader. It is not just a top online video content streaming provider but also a global TV network now, which is available in 190 countries with nearly 75 million subscribers out of which 45 million are from the United States. A recent study showed that people in US are watching less TV due to Netflix.

Since the beginning, the company took the TV and entertainment lovers by storm and this threatened the position and market share for TV networks. People in US indeed are watching less TV but this does not mean that they are involved in some other activities. Instead, Americans are now watching Netflix more than ever, which has caused them to switch from television. A study conducted by Michael Nathanson of MoffettNathanson came up with the results.

The study was in accordance with the current dominance of the streaming service provider. According to the reports of Michael Nathanson, Netflix was the reason of 50% decline in TV viewing time in the United States. This was justified when reports mentioned the US Netflix subscribers’ 29 billion total hours of streaming in 2015. Globally, the whole Netflix community was accountable to stream for about 42.5 billion hours of video.

One of the main reasons for Netflix’s preference in most regions is that it provides a chance to binge watch. Not all people start to watch a TV show from the start and many do not like a show at all when it is first premiered. Initially, TV viewers had to keep up with the schedule in order to not miss any episode. Now in order to watch the previous or new online movies or TV shows, this platform has offered one stop solution for it.

Mr. Nathanson said that the trend of relying more on streaming services is increasing in different parts of the world. According to the analysts, streaming hours will be accountable for 14% of all TV viewing by the end of 2020. He wrote in a note, “Currently, Netflix is a source of industry pain, but not necessarily a cause of industry death.”

Netflix is changing the perception of how people watch television and it is contributing a lot towards the industry but for its own good only. Its success and constant growth is causing serious pain to this industry and has sidelined almost every traditional business. This does not mean that it is causing the death of this industry.


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