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This is not a drill people! Michel and Sookie reunited for a selfie, could they be headed to the Dragonfly next?

Could this be everything we've ever wanted from the Gilmore Girls revival, and more? Its been seemingly almost too good to be true the past few months as one by one the original cast of Gilmore Girls announced they would be returning to the Netflix revival. Jess, Rory, Luke, even Michel, all are heading back to Stars Hollow to bring life back to the sleepy Connecticut town and re-open the Dragonfly Inn. All of the cast, but one, of course. Melissa McCarthy, aka Sookie, the clumsy master chef with the cute as a button smile and co-owner of the Dragonfly.

As time went by, fans lost hope, only to hear from Melissa herself that apparently, she wasn't even invited to do the revival in the first place! Say what? Creator Amy Sherman eventually sorted things out saying:

"She's really f---ing busy, but the thing I have said [to her team] is, 'Look, if Melissa is available and has an afternoon free, I'll write her a scene. Melissa was one of us. If she has a spare moment to run over [to the set] – even if for just a cameo – we would be totally game. And if it's a last-minute thing, I would write her in and we would figure it out. That's the way we left it."

Well new hope was born this Sunday when Gilmore Girls star Yanic Truesdale, who plays sassy concierge Michel, lit a flame among Gilmore Girls fans with a selfie. Yanic took to Instagram to showcase his very special lunch date for the afternoon, Sookie herself, Melissa McCarthy. EEEEK! Gilmore Girls is currently filming, so does this mean what I think it means? See for yourself!

I am FREAKING OUT! Could it be that Melissa and the Netflix revival finally struck a deal? The assumption among fans was always that her paycheck request would be just too much for Netflix, as she is now an A-List movie star with the salary that goes with it, but is it possible they found a compromise?

Unfortunately, Yanic wasted no time squashing our dreams with one, single caption.

"Scotch, great meal and catching up with my old friend @melissamccarthy, can't ask for more! Dont read anything into it guys,"

Basically, this little selfie had nothing to do with Gilmore Girls, and everything to do with old friends catching up with one another. That's right, still no Sookie sightings in Stars Hollow. Sigh.

Well, that is a serious bummer. One can dream right? After Gilmore Girls, Melissa really hit it big, and therefore is one busy lady, so no one was very surprised when she wasn't announced for the revival. With hits like Bridemaids, The Heat, and the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot, a trip back to Stars Hollow was always an unlikely scenario. However, Sookie will be missed dearly, so I hope they find a good way to handle her absence in the show. For now, I leave you with some of Sookie's best moments from Gilmore Girls, and I dare you to try not to laugh-cry. DARE YOU!


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