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The streaming media network has been a victim of identity theft as reported by Copenhagen Post.

According to the Copenhagen Post, news has surfaced that there is a Danish company, that has been impersonating Netflix Inc. in the region and apparently has been doing so for the past few months now. The report further stated that it has been operational under Netflix’s banner and has been alluring customers in the region by giving them discounts on the service.

In today’s world with the evolution of social media and the internet, it has become too easy for anyone to misuse anyone’s identities; not even large corporations are safe from this misconduct. As in the past a number of firms have been a victim of such an act, the latest prey was the video streaming giant, Netflix.

Due to the lucrative discount offers, a number of customers in the region were allured into purchasing the service for 5 kroner ($0.74) per month with an initial free three month trial period, later to discover that they had been charged as much as 399 kroner ($59) per month.

The report further stated that a number of customers who became a victim of this were not delivered access to the service after they had made the payment which is when they realized something was up with the offer. It should be noted that the price of Netflix’s subscription is the region is 79 kroners.

In a statement the streaming media organization’s security department informed BT that they were looking into the matter and in the past two years, they had received calls at their Danish office from customers regarding the same ‘’ issue. 60 percent of these calls were regarding the same issue – that is how the company got to know about what was happening in the region.

Furthermore, a rating of 1.1 out of 10 has been given by customers of on a business review website, Trustpilot. 90.4% of these viewers have given a maximum rating of 1 to the Danish company. In addition to that, they have not only rated the company but also given reviews regarding its deceitful behavior and to create awareness regarding this matter.

Since Netflix is operational in the region it doesn’t come as a surprise that users actually fell for this move by the impersonating company. However, the video streaming media is wasting no time in addressing and looking into the issue as it cannot afford to lose any of its customers in the specific region. Its brand image is all that matters right now as it is its ultimate revenue stream.

Customer loyalty and brand image go hand in hand, after going through this, many customers will be reluctant to subscribe for the service and for Netflix, customer satisfaction is the only thing on which the company’s operations are running on presently; for future growth, customer satisfaction is also highly essential.


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