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This latest trailer for the FPS movie Hardcore Henry is freaking amazing! The phrase f*** s*** up doesn't even come close to this master class of first person excellence.

Hardcore Henry will be many different things to many different people but one thing it will not be is boring. Director Ilya Naishuller has managed to take the FPS element out of a video game and drop it directly into a movie without actually changing the configuration – which is, genius. The entire movie is set in first person perspective and looks astoundingly brilliant.

Even the plot is straight up video game. Armies of mercenaries, world domination, kidnap and misplaced alliances. The movie centres on Henry, a mute (awaiting voice activation) half-human, half-robotic hybrid, brought back from the dead by his wife. Suffering from amnesia our protagonist must attempt to come to terms with the new mission – which seems to be running and gunning his way through many a high-octane situation. Perfect!This latest trailer is all about the action. The first reveal focused more on the story behind the character – but in all honesty, he doesn’t talk and is a superhuman cyborg – I just want to watch him blow s*** up!

The concept is surprisingly brilliant and I am shocked that we are only really seeing this now, because when you think about it, this is no different to logging onto Twitch or YouTube and watching other people play games.

You will have to excuse the language in this article but I think you will agree once you have watched the trailer that it was loaded with many, many, WTF moments! Check it out.

You cannot say that you did not enjoy that trailer. This movie is getting serious acclaim from both video game enthusiasts and movie goers alike. Hardcore Henry is sock rockingly brilliant. It may not be the next ‘Revenant’, but if you watch it for what it actually is, I firmly believe that you will enjoy this movie – or, get vertigo. Either way, you are going to remember your evening out.

Hardcore Henry hits theatres April 8th.


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