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Unlike Marvel, DC is taking a totally different approach and is completely separating their movies from their TV shows. With that being the case, why not bring more DC characters to TV and connect them to their current TV universe.

We currently have Arrow and The Flash that constantly crossover and have connecting storylines. In the latter part of March we will see our first network crossover when The Flash visits Supergirl for an episode.

So why not bring other characters like Aquaman, Wonder Woman, and Nightwing? With the movie universe starting their own versions of each character, seeing a younger TV version is not that far fetched. The cast should reflect the continuity they are currently using with their TV line up.

1. Aquaman

Lucas Till is best known for his role as Havok in X-Men: First Class, X-Men: Days of Future Past and the upcoming X-Men: Apocalypse. The adaption to TV is not as difficult now as it was when they attempted to launch the show in 2005. They tried to develop a series within its own universe with no relation to Smallville, which debuted the character in their fifth season episode titled Aqua. Supergirl and The Flash are currently able to keep up with special effects respectively while telling their story and not being too costly, which is a plus for most of this list.

2. Wonder Woman/Wonder Girl

This show could be explored in two different ways. As an origins story of Wonder Woman or as a story of Donna Troy, the original Wonder Girl. Jasmine does not have many projects to her credit, but neither did Tom Welling before he took on the iconic role of Clark Kent in Smallville. In 2011 a pilot for a NBC version of Wonder Woman was made, but never-aired.

3. Nightwing

Thomas McDonell was best known for his role as Finn Collins in the show The 100. With Gotham hints, but stays away from Batman, introducing Nightwing, while also watching life after Batman would be an interesting take.

4. Raven

Paige Hurd like the actors/actresses before her, has very little credits to her name, but she could bring a fresh face to a character that has never been depicted on TV or movies.

5. Cyborg

Pooch Hall is best known for his role as Daryll in Showtimes' hit series Ray Donovan. Cyborg is a character that has yet to be explored in movies and TV, even with his connection to the Justice League and being featured on the TV show Teen Titans for five seasons.

Looking at those possibilities and considering that they have pretty much a blank canvas to work with, you could be looking at a live version to a possible Young Justice crossover event which would give DC total domain of the TV battle with Marvel.


Who would you like to see get their own show first?


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