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Excitement for [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) is at a fever pitch already but a piece of information has come out recently that will whip Marvel fans up into an even bigger frenzy.

In an interview with Screen Rant, directors Anthony and Joe Russo revealed that the big action set piece in the film's climax will be 15 minutes in length.

It was always obvious that the final battle of the film would be pretty impressive, all of the movie's drama is coming to a boiling point in that sequence. Not only that, we have a huge roster of characters making up the two sides. However, I don't think anyone would have expected an action sequence quite that long.

In the same interview the two directors said that this epic action sequence was shot on brand new IMAX cameras. This should make sure that the audience do not miss a single detail of the massive war that is going to unfold on screens everywhere. Joe Russo had this to say about shooting the scenes in question:

"This whole sequence is in IMAX, it's about a 15 minute sequence. It's the only one that we're doing on the camera. The camera literally just rolled off the press like a week before we started using it. It's an IMAX 65, so it's the AARI's 65."

Given that they only shot that one fight scene on the cameras, it should be interesting to see if the difference between it and the rest of the film is noticeable. The cameras they used on the rest of the movie will of course be nothing too shabby but it may still be possible to notice the difference in detail and depth. What is even more exciting is that Joe and Anthony Russo intend to shoot the entirety of Infinity War on this top quality equipment.

These movies should be a visual treat, the landscape is shaping up pretty nicely for fans of the superhero genre. Captain America: Civil War will release in theatres on May 6th.


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