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One of my favorite parts of Deadpool is the stunt work. Usually you find the same run from an explosion, dangle off the side of a steep structure, jump from building to building in every single action film.

But Deadpool was different. It was creative and unique. There were comedic elements intermingled with the titular character's crass style and hilarious comments. Thanks to stunt/fight coordinator Philip J. Silvera, Deadpool's action sequences were insanely engaging.

Silvera has grown up training in a plethora of combat sports, which makes his stunts all the more uncommon and rare. Check out this behind-the-scenes video in which Silvera explains his eight-year journey with Deadpool:

Rolling Stone gives us a glimpse into the brilliant mind of Silvera, who has also worked on such incredible productions as Taken 3 and Daredevil. He explains how he has drawn from elements of boxing, karate, kung fu, wushu and fencing.

Silvera also goes into detail about Colossus and Angel Dust's fight, in which he used motion capture and stunt-double work, finally ending on actress Gina Carano (Angel Dust) miming the entire ending of the scene by herself. This allows her to fully cut loose and just go for it, as she doesn't have to worry about actually hurting anyone.

Ouch! That looked incredibly painful.

I can't wait to watch the film again and truly dissect the numerous scenes containing such impressive stunts. Silvera is truly the master of exciting and jaw-dropping kicks, hits, throws, twirls and punches.

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