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CineTalk #37 - Published 3/6/16

1. Chad's been taking money from old people.

2. New News!

3. Box office top 5 this weekend.

4. What's coming out next weekend.

5. Box office predictions for next weekend, and who's winning?

6. Sly in Guardians of the Galaxy 2?

7. Ice Cube rumored to be our next J. Jonah Jameson

8. 23 Jump Street and Men In Black crossover is BACK ON THE TABLE!!

9. IN/OUT of the Movie Trailer park.

10. Ghostbusters first official trailer.

11. Boo! Madea Halloween teaser trailer (Shane really wants to see this)

12. Where's the Rogue One Trailer?

13. Finding Dory first official trailer.

14. Check out the Kill Command trailer!

15. Nina - starring Zoe Saldana made this controversial.

16. 30 Second Thoughts

17. Bad Boys 3 shifts release date, possibly due to Dark Tower, and Bad Boys 4 release date holds firm.

18. Random Rants & Rave Reviews

19. Batman v Superman first sorta kinda review hits the web!

20. The Chad has his games, and we have his intro music and his picture. You let us know if you like them!

21. Chad saw DMX and Bill Burr. He recommends to see one more than the other.

22. Signing off!

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