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Spider-Man holds Captain America's Shield

So with the Captain America Civil War movie fast approaching, you can expect loads more teasers filtering out in to the media and news feeds. So many people giving their own tasters of what Spider-man will be like in the film. One particular image shows Spider-man holding Captain America's Shield. Could this be possible? Who knows. With so much hype around how the web shooter will be featured in the movie is still very much behind closed doors. You can expect more little teasers coming out soon.

This edit by Myself was inspired by an image i saw a few weeks ago. With the new Spider-Man Effects YouTube Channel now online, featuring video showcasing visual effects and CGI, you can learn and enjoy how to create bespoke scenes inspired by the superhero.

Spider-Man tutorial on the Civil War now online

Watch how the Spider-Man Civil War picture was made using Photoshop CS6. Don't forget to subscribe to the channel here, turning on notifications for the latest uploads on Visual Effects, Edits and General awesomeness from the web headed hero.

What would you like to see from the Spider-Man Effects YouTube Channel?

More tutorials? More Visual Effects Episodes? List your ideas and thoughts in the comments below. If you liked this post, please do share with your fellow superhero fanatics.

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