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It's been almost a decade since Lorelai and Rory Gilmore left our screens and so in turn left the world feeling a bit more dull and listless. The last things we knew about our beloved characters was that Rory split up with Logan and was going off to follow Obama’s presidential campaign, Lorelai and Luke (finally!) got back together, Sookie was still happily with Jackson and her brood, similarly for Lane and Zack, and Paris was going off to study to be a doctor with Doyle in tow.

Unfortunately that left things a little ambiguous in the series finale, and many people weren’t too happy with how it finished. There was no definitive happy ending for some of the characters, and maybe that’s partly what prompted Netflix to pick up Gilmore Girls for a limited revival of four 90-minute episodes.

We have to know more!

I think we can expect the time frame between the two runs to somewhat match real life, and as we all know a hell of a lot can happen in ten years so what would the guys have been up to in that time?

Unfortunately there’s one thing that’s unavoidable and I may as well get that out of the way first. In case you weren’t aware, the actor that played Richard Gilmore, Edward Herrman, sadly passed away on 31st of December 2014 at the age 71, so we can only expect the same thing to have happened in the show’s continuity. Lorelai will have lost her dad and Rory her grandfather (and Emily her husband) so I can imagine we'll see how deeply this has affected the characters.

Damnit, I'm sad now...
Damnit, I'm sad now...

Moving on to happier grounds, knowing the Girls, we can certainly assume that they are both doing incredibly well with their lives; with Rory a successful journalist and the Dragonfly Inn doing better than ever before! We have to wait and see if Lorelai and Luke are still together, but I have a hunch that they just might be.

As for Rory’s love life… well, I have a feeling history may end up repeating itself.

It has been confirmed that Milo Ventimiglia, who notably played that lovable rogue Jess Mariano, will be back for the revival. Will old flames heat up between him and Rory? What’s more we have also recently learned that Jared Padalecki will be coming back to play Sam! I mean Dean! I mean… Argh… Whatever his name is, we can probably be sure of that old rivalry coming to the fore again. But will Rory actually settle on one of them or go for someone else entirely? For all we know she may already even be married! (doubt it)

To make things even more complicated there’s confirmation that Matt Czuchry will be reprising his role as Logan Huntzberger. Does this mean he moved back from California for good or is he just in Stars Hollow for a flying visit? Will we get a love… uh… square between him, the other two, and Rory? I doubt the poor woman could cope with that.

Just look at them. LOOK.
Just look at them. LOOK.

As far as Paris goes we have a bit more information to go on.

Both Liza Weil and Danny Strong have been signed on for the new run so it’s highly likely that Paris and Doyle are still together and likely even married by now. What’s more there has been a leak of casting notices for a Portuguese nanny (remember Paris had one herself when growing up) accompanied by two children, “Tim (7)” and “Gabriela (5)”. I think this is pretty strong evidence of Paris and Doyle having started a family!

But what about the rest of them?

As of yet there’s not too much to go on, but we do have a confirmed sighting of Todd Lowe on the cast list so we’ll definitely see Zack again. Oddly, though, we will apparently only see him in one episode whereas we’ll get Lane for all four. Are they still together or has Zack embraced the role of a stay-at-home dad and is just absent because he’s looking after the twins whilst Lane goes gallivanting off with Rory? Let’s hope for the latter.

Furthermore, Yanic Truesdale will be returning as the fabulous Michel Gerard and goodness knows what he’ll be up to. Perhaps he’s still working at the Dragonfly. Perhaps Lorelai branched out to make a chain of B&Bs and promoted him to overally manager of the original Inn. He’s listed as appearing in all four episodes so he’s certainly stuck around in some capacity.

Similarly, Kirk will also be in every single episode but I can’t even begin to guess what he’ll be doing with himself.

As for the rest of Stars Hollow? Michael Winters is on board with the revival so no doubt Taylor Doose is still at the helm, guiding the town into a new golden age of pedantic regulations, Liz Torres will be back, too, so I bet the flamboyant Miss Patty is still running her dance school like she always has, and Sally Struthers will be back as Babette, still living next to the old Gilmore house and still as eccentric as ever.

Pictured: the good old days.
Pictured: the good old days.

At the point of writing this article we still don’t have a confirmed date for the first episode, but we know that it will be at some point THIS YEAR (!) and must keep lighting candles on our Gilmore shrines until we get one.

It’s been a long time coming, my friends. It’ll be wonderful to once again get into our pyjamas, make a butt-load of popcorn, order some Chinese food from Al’s Pancake World, and sit down on the sofa for some good old-fashioned television time. There may even be a sing-a-long if they use the same theme tune. I’m so sorry.


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