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Hollywood is a crazy world of spinoffs, reboots and adaptations, where nothing is truly safe from making it's way to the silver screen. Now, word on the Web is that the men who brought us such movies as This Is the End, Neighbors and The Interview want to bring you a live-action Where's Waldo? movie.

That's right, rumors are swirling about Seth Rogen and Evan Goldberg planning to produce a live-action film based on the popular children's book frequently used to entertain kids while waiting at their pediatrician's office.

According to Tracking Board's recent report, it's all but confirmed that Rogen and Goldberg's production company Point Grey will be helping adapt the story of Waldo. Neither MGM, who owns the film rights to Where's Waldo?, nor Point Grey have commented on the story at this moment.

While I'm not quite sure what the bespectacled, red-and-white sweatered adventurer's story would look like, his wide scope of settings in the books leaves things pretty open. Tracking Board also offered some insight into the potential plot of the movie, which has been passed down from screenwriter to screenwriter:

An early iteration of the script built upon the time-traveling element, where Waldo accidentally activates a time machine and must find a way to get back to the love of his life, Wilma. The script has seen a number of drafts over the years, with writers Marc Hyman, Adam Rifkin, Adam Cooper, Michael Berg and, most recently, Todd Berger all contributing.

Currently, Rogen and Goldberg are only signed on as producers for the project, but these multitalented gentlemen also have a long history of writing, directing and acting. It wouldn't come as a surprise to me if they decided to have a greater hand in bringing Where's Waldo? to life.

Although I'm not entirely sold on the idea of a time-traveling Waldo movie as of yet, if these rumors are true I'm sure the comedic minds of Rogen and Goldberg will give us the hilarious Where's Waldo? movie we never knew we wanted.

What do you think about a potential 'Where's Waldo?' movie?

(Source: Tracking Board)


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