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'Captain America: Civil War' has been worrying fans since the reveal of the incredible number of superheroes in the film, given the perceived difficulty of balancing so many characters in the usual two-hour timeframe.

Well, we have 26 minutes less to worry about, since the runtime for the film has been revealed to be 2 hours, 26 minutes thanks to this picture below:

If this is accurate, that would make 'Civil War' the longest Marvel Cinematic Universe film to date, being only slightly longer than the first 'Avengers', which clocks in at 143 minutes.

This of course does not mean we'll see Captain America and Iron Man going at it for 2 hours and 26 minutes; take the credits away, which are usually 10 minutes-long and you have a usual 2-hour-16-minute movie.

Are you happy to know 'Civil War' will be so long?


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